September 10, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

Hurricane Harvey: Chick-Fil-A to the Rescue

There were a lot of wonderfully heroic photographs coming out of the ravaged flood areas wrought by Hurricane Harvey over the last several weeks, but the one image that really seemed to strike a chord and add a little whimsy to the horrors of this natural disaster was the picture of the little old lady being transported out of her deluged house on the back of a watercraft.

How did this happen? I was hoping to find out the back story, and I did. Continue reading

June 16, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

The Un-American Religion

THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTIANITY is the fact that not everyone goes to Heaven, not every belief system is correct and millions of people stand condemned already. This bothers me. It also bothered Senator Bernie Sanders when he grilled Russell … Continue reading

June 4, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

The Fuss Over a President’s Severed Head

The big controversy last week concerned the simulated beheading of President Trump by a celebrity—and the huge public outcry that ensued, especially from Christians. I’m always amazed at how sensitive believers are. Correct that. Overly sensitive. A liberal, radical, vulgar … Continue reading