October 6, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

The Death of the Nutty Professor

When celebrities pass on, I’m always curious about whether they knew Jesus because I’d like to meet them someday in Heaven. Unfortunately, Jerry Lewis did not talk much about his religious beliefs or God, which may offer up a clue to his beliefs, or, non-beliefs. Where do you think Jerry was with God? Continue reading

June 4, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

The Fuss Over a President’s Severed Head

The big controversy last week concerned the simulated beheading of President Trump by a celebrity—and the huge public outcry that ensued, especially from Christians. I’m always amazed at how sensitive believers are. Correct that. Overly sensitive. A liberal, radical, vulgar … Continue reading

January 12, 2017
by Steve Sanchez

2016 Celebrity Deaths & God

WHAT DID ALL THOSE CELEBRITIES WHO DIED IN 2016 BELIEVE ABOUT GOD? Pop star George Michael wrote this in 2005: “As a gay Englishman, should I be more afraid of God? I’ve never had a problem with God, you see. … Continue reading

November 8, 2016
by Steve Sanchez
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Guess Who Will Never Get Elected President?

UNLESS WE EXPERIENCE A MILITARY COUP, a thermo-nuclear war or Jesus returning, in all likelihood, by November 9, we will have as our President either Trump or Hillary. Both have endured gloves-off politicking, scandals and stupid things said and done, … Continue reading