Those Nasty, Nasty, Atheists!


Here are a few more comments (typos and all) that atheists left at YouTube in response to my “Blasphemy Challenge Guerrilla Action” video. As you will see, their words reflect their philosophy:

From macrosman:
“The guy in this video is going to hell, sadly… because he doesn’t believe in my god… or worship the way my god demands.

This is unfortunate… because my god’s hell is 1,000 times worse than any christian hell you could conceieve of… yes… that’s right – in my god’s hell, you are eternally subjected to flawed arguments, and poor reasoning… In fact – it’s like watching this very video for the rest of eternity…”

My heart goes out to you… but you cannot be saved… so says my god.”

From ourben:
“Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo!!!!! Jesus was a jew, Christ was stolen from the Greeks, St. Paul made up the “son of god” part”

From oRichardCraigo:
“Thought about it and realised you’re the fool.”

From ItAintNecessarilySo:
“If the Bible represented the unadulterated wisdom of the Master of the Universe… why would it need to resort to such cheap cultist tricks as saying ‘If you don’t beleive this, you’re a fool???'”

From rkzenrage:
“I am an atheist, faith is about fear. You live in fear and I will live with the joy of now.”

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