What’s Your E-vangie Tale #13


Our new evangelism class has started. As part of their “exra credit” homework, the students can write their own E-vangie Tale here; you can, too.

Jesus said in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” If you did this, I want to know what happened. Just click on the “comments” below.


  1. This morning I went to my local 7 Eleven and handed out 8 MDBs
    Only got two rejections. Two people said they had gotten one before
    One lady w kids said she had gotten one at the July 4th outreach last year.

    Next I decided to hit my local Starbucks …where I proceeded to hand out about 15 more…only 2 rejections again. There was one young lady who took one while waiting for her brew and read the entire tract. She was very thankful for giving me one. It was totally fun and easy to do


  2. Great job w/the million-dollar bill Gospel tracts, Al!

  3. 562-345-5920
    I don’t know if this really counts or not, since it doesn’t actually involve me talking to someone one-to-one… But I had an idea that it would be great to have a simple, fast, gospel message that people could call in and listen to… and a bumper sticker to tell them where to call. Since my husband and I have Vonage as our phone service, we could really easily add a second phone line. On the voicemail system of that second phone line (562-345-5920) I had 60 seconds for the “greeting” before the caller can leave a message. So I recorded a 60 second gospel message, set the line so that the phone doesn’t even ring but it goes automatically into voicemail, and then I made a bumper sticker for our car with the number. I think people (especially if they’re sitting stuck in traffic) will dial a local number like this on their cell phone, just to find out what it’s about. If you want to do this yourself, just email me ( for a copy of the text of the 60 second gospel message, a .wav file (audio file) of the gospel message you can use incase you can’t talk quite that fast, and a pdf of the bumper sticker that you can enter your own phone number on and print out to tape in the back window of your car. Or… if you’d like to have a real bumper sticker made with your phone number, you can just go here and follow the instructions:

  4. I went to a Von’s in Santa Monica and handed out a million dollar bill to a woman as I was entering the store. I asked her if anyone had ever given her a million dollars, She said “No!” I handed her the bill and asked that she read it closely. She smiled and seemed glad.

    I offered another to a Star Bucks worker inside the store. He refused to take it.

  5. When I was in class the holy spirit gave me the perfect place to hand out my million dollar bills. It’s a place near my home that I have prayed many times that the Lord burn to the ground! He gently said “Linda, they will just build another one!” Yes Lord, you are right. So it did not suprise me when I was told that the “Wild Goose” on Aviation Blvd was where God wanted me to hand out my bills.
    I was afraid that if I did not do it right away I would not do what I clearly knew I was to do for God. Then I would feel awful for a very long time, so the day after class I went to the “Wild Goose”. I parked my car on the street thinking I did not want to be in that parking lot with my car. I held a few bills in my hand but missed a car leaving the parking lot before I could get out of my car. I saw one man near the door talking on a cell phone and smoking a cigarette. I started to approach him but he turned his back to me and walked further away. Then a man came out the front door right toward me. “Did you get one of these?” I asked. He said no and took the bill from my hand. ” I had one of these a very long time ago.” He said. Really I said as he looked closely at the bill. Then he handed it back to me.
    Then the man on the cell phone asked me if I needed something. “No,but did you get one of these?” I handed him a bill. He began to mock the idea of a million dollars equaling something religious. OK I thought here goes “May I ask you the million dollar question?” “Sure”,he replied. I began to go through the witnessing technique with him when another man came out the front door of the “Goose”. I turned and gave him a million dollar bill. “HAHA a million dollars uh?” He laughed. “Thanks!” and off he walked to his car. I continued to talk with the cell phone man when the front door opened again. “Did you get one of these?” I asked. “Yeah I did.”
    The cell phone man said,” that’s the same guy! Your memory is really bad isn’t lady?” I did not respond to his question but contiued to ask him questions about his beliefs. He gave me back my bill and walked away. At this point I started thinking. The same guy? He must have gone back inside after I approached him and talked to someone. I figured I had given one bill away so it was time for me to leave. I got to my car in time to see two big guys coming out the front door. (maybe bouncers?) Well I still did it and they don’t know what my car looks like so I drove right past them! As I turned the corner a big smile broke out on my face. (I thought)Ha Ha on you! I was on the enemy’s front door!

  6. Banana: I like the phone # idea. It was a great message!

    To the Bushes: Great job you guys! I can’t believe that you handed out tracts at a strip club, Linda! Awesome.

    As I like to say: A tract in the hand is worth 2 with the Bush(es).

  7. That night after our BEST Class I immediately headed for pizza at Paisanos in Hermosa Beach and handed a Million Dollar Trak to a table of 3 Chinese peoples, knowing that Pastor Steve and the class agreed that this crowd could possibly be difficult to reach. But not entirely true because they did receive the Track with a smile and then did try to actually “pay for their pizza pie” with that track….ooops. ahhhh, I should learn Chinese.

  8. Also, just wanted to let my fellow evangie sisters and brothers know that I went into La Salsa for my favorite salad and asked the cashier if he’d gotten “one of these” he said yes and flipped out his wallet showing me how proudly he keeps it there and I asked would you like to be able to understand what it saids on the backside I said I would like for you to know and he said he sort of did, he asked for more than one so I gave him all the Spanish tracks that were in my bag and he was really grateful.
    I went into the Hallmark store and bought a “feel better” gift and card for Karen Sanchez and the clerk she was super nice and I said I need a Christian card and she brought me over to a collection of them and I asked directly “these are not new ager type cards”? She said no and proudly so as she is also a God fearing Christian she shared a beautiful testimony with me and so we talked and I asked if she were familiar with this Million Dollar bill that I was about to give her and she said yes she believes it’s Pastor Steve that comes in there “all the time” and had given one to her. Wow, Steve really is making “tracks”….hehehaha….”tracks” get it! So make some tracks guys and gals this is really a wonderful way to get to know so many people and share the “Good News”.

  9. Even though I’m not able to make this class, again, I did want to let you know that I’m still continuing with the million dollar bills!

    Tom’s Dad has been in the hospital for most of the month. As we were in West Covina last week helping Tom’s parents, we took his Mom out so she’d eat something. As we were leaving the restaurant, I gave the waitress a million dollar bill and then Tom pointed out a gentleman at the cash register with a Bible in his hand. Why not share the wealth!

    His face lit up! He first saw these when he was in Iraq in 2005. He had read recently that they are no longer going to be manufactured and he and his wife were very sad about that. His wife told him if he ever came across another one that he should frame it. He didn’t think he’d come across another one.

    He handed us his business card and he’s an evangelist known as The Hitchhiker and he also comes to Torrance. He spreads the Word one highway at a time!

    He was so thrilled and only sorry he didn’t think he’d come across more to hand out. Well, I couldn’t let that go so I gave him the rest of the bills that I had with me. There was a bright light out in the parking lot that day.

    And he said as he parted not to be surprised if we hear his name in Torrance when he hands out the tracts!

    Kaiser Baldwin Park is also getting their share as well and my father-in-law has pointed out some recipients from his hospital bed. So we’ve been able to do a little high way sharing, too 🙂

  10. Great job, Diane and Brigitte!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is from Alan Kisaka at . I accidentally deleted his comment, so here it is:

    After passing out 7 at my local 7 eleven store (7
    Elevens are a great place to do it) I happened to visit
    one of our local music stores.
    I have found that musicians are always very willing to
    talk about spiritual things on the most part.

    I gave out MDBs to the sales man and managers of the
    I had a wonderful long conversation with one young
    sales man…about 20years of age… he asked me a bunch
    of questions….I proceeded to ask him about his
    standing with God….His answers verified to me that he was
    actually a believer …He believed in Jesus….knew he
    was guilty before God without him…..I only re
    clarified the reality to him. He then went on to ask me for
    advice on various things he was dealing with….my my
    we were having church in the middle of the store..

    On the way out ….I gave the lady at the cashier’s
    desk one and asked her the MD question….she gave the
    classic answer….yes she was going to heaven because
    she had kept the law…perfectly….well almost.!!
    After prodding her and going through each one of the
    she finally caved and said…..”Well maybe I have not
    kept the law perfectly”….After telling her that the
    requirement to enter heaven was God’s law being
    perfectly kept….I went on to ask her if she would hold up
    if God were to Judge her.on the basis of the 10 Cs
    ..guilty or not guilty…….
    She said I guess guilty!…..So I asked her …Does
    that concern you..
    She said yes!!
    I went on to share with her the good new of Jesus..
    Right then, one of her superiors came by and I could
    tell she had to move on..I explained to her that she
    had to repent and receive Jesus in her life and then bid
    her goodbye with a blessing.

    Oh what a Happy Day!!!


  12. Had to stop by the music store again to return something for the umteenth time…..
    Got to hand out several more MDBs to some of the people browsing.
    After giving one to one of the employees I asked him the MD question..
    He went on to tell me that he would go to heaven…
    I asked on what basis….He went on to tell me he was a born again Christian
    and was blessed that there was another Christian out there witnessing for Jesus. We had some delightful fellowship and I went on my way..

    Oh Yes another Happy Day!!!

  13. Hey everybody, this is Marshall Dahlin. I wanted to say that for the past two nights I did not really want to hand a track out or go to Hermosa pier with Mike and Dave to evangelize for numerous reasons. It is too late, I have to wake up early, I am going to catch a cold, cry cry. But these excuses are that also made me determined to go pass them out even when I did not want to. I figured that because I had all these thoughts in my head, and they were against what I was supposed to do as a Christian than they must not being coming from God. Therefore, since they were not from God they must have been from the enemy distracting me from my responsibilities. And if the devil is trying to distract me, then that means I am doing something right as a Christian. So I handed them out and went to Hermosa because I knew the devil did not want me to.

  14. Hey, Marshall again, I must say being new at all of this evangelizing stuff I am not used to when thing do not go quite according to plan. For example, some people will totally throw me off by arguing what counts as a lie or what the definition of lusting is, but do not give up. Today at the Redondo pier I was talking to some lady and it went almost perfect, and I could really tell she was worried and felt convicted about what I was saying. I love succeeding at telling people they are going to Hell.

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