Famous Lost Words: Christopher Reeve


Reeve is probably best known for his role as Superman and an accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down.
null This is from a May 1998 appearance on Larry King Live on CNN (transcript):

KING: A lot of questions are coming in about faith, and the last time you were with us, I asked this, if you prayed and you said you thought that would be hypocritical; you didn’t pray before this, why pray now? Has — have you gotten any feelings of faith or God through all of this? Lot of people asking that.

REEVE: Well, believe it or not, I think that, y’know, God is not an entity that you find when you go to church and pray to God almighty, you know, and I always remembered that going to church as a kid, you know, and they talk about the vengeance of His terrible swift sword and His army, I said, “well that’s kind of a scary guy.” But I think that — while I don’t believe in God, per se, I believe in spirituality. And I believe that spirituality actually is automatically within ourselves, but we have to learn how to access it, and what that is, is realizing there is a higher power; there is…

KING: So it’s not atheism?

REEVE: … more than just us, there is an inner strength, there is something, y’know, that comes from — I don’t know where exactly it comes from, but it’s — it really is the best that humans can be and perhaps what it is — perhaps really what it is love.

(From the CelebAtheist list.)

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