Showdown at the Hermosa Corral


We aren’t wanted at the fair.

We’re going anyway!

This Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, we will have a booth just outside the Fiesta Hermosa at the base of the Hermosa Beach Pier, from 8am to 5pm. We plan on handing out thousands of Gospel tracts, conducting “good person” interviews, and preaching in the open air at the shuttle stops. We also expect trouble…
null The officials of the fair have a brand new policy (probably written after our evangelistic presence was made known last year), that states: “All groups or individuals desiring to leaflet, distribute written materials or engage in any political, religious, charitable or other form of solicitation activities must register with the Chamber [of Commerce].”

We have chosen to set up outside the fair because “Engaging in these activities at any location other than the Free Expression Zone [which by the way, is located behind the vendors’ booths, on a side street], is grounds for removal from the festival.”

The right to free speech on a public street is one of the most protected rights of the First Amendment; that is why we will be there.
null A lawyer friend told me that he believes this little rule is not enforcible.

We’ll see…

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  1. I had good talk with two Japanese women who came to get some free cold water and also a million dollar bill tract. They wanted to know about the giant $100 and I explained that they could have it if they’d like to go through a test. They agreed, so I went through the “Good Test” with them, and they seemed to really listen. When I explained that I was using the 10 commandments, they really had no clue what I was talking about, and they told me that they never heard of the 10 commandments, saying “because of the Japanese culture.” It was a good thing that I brought my 10 commandment pennies, and I gave them each one coin. They really loved them. They listened more but then they decided that they needed to move on. It was a good talk but I know it could have been better, for I didn’t get to talk about the grace of God because they rushed to leave. However I did leave them with the giant money and they said they would read it. I pray they come to know the Lord through the tracts.

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