Everybody Can Do It!


This is a short 2-minute video that we made to advertise our most recent evangelism class. You will notice that God uses ordinary, normal people to do some extraordinary things—just like 2000-years ago!


  1. Praise the Lord. Thanks for sharing that Steve. It’s great to see.

  2. Steve, Great video short. Awesome way to get the news out of your class. Thanks for sharing it.

    For Him,

  3. Just wanted to say that the more you/everyone does share a testimony with a complete stranger and a Gospel Trak that someone somewhere will be affected. So please pray before and ESPECIALLY after you Evangie so that Satan can’t mess around with the seeds we are sowing. By the way, I’m so proud of our Evangie Ministry with so much work to be done in Los Angeles County and everywhere please feel free to call me if you ever need help or a partner(s). Brigitte 3107137626.

  4. Ijust got back from evangelizing at the pier. I am so encouraged after talking to a Korean family. The dad is a pastor now, but shared with me he got saved as the result of a tract left at his door 26 yrs ago. The tract said “are you going to heaven”? Even though he attended church, he was not able to answer this question with certainty. This really concerned him, so he took his family, and attended that church. The pastor preached on Ephesians 2-8-9. He learned that salvation must come first, before good works. He was led to the truth through one gospel tract from someone he never met! Awesome. So go out ,plant those seeds, pass out those tracts,saying you are too shy to do what all Christians are saved to do will not help anyone come judgment day! ALL true Christians MUST seek the unsaved!

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