Your Thoughts/My Thoughts: What’s Wrong W/the Priest?


OOOPS! I forgot to tell you what I thought about the Father Matthew video featured last week. (See it here!)
null Joshua Black made this comment which sums up what I think: “What a load of garbage. It is not loving to tell people lies that comfort them in dangerous delusions like atheism. If it were merely a matter of dealing with humankind only, then proclaiming that Hell is real and there are people who go there would be rightly deemed as very annoying.

“But the issue is that we take every breath that we have from a Holy God, and He will require an account of how we have used each one of them. Not warning people about the consequences of misusing the breaths that God gives us is the most hateful non-action ever!! I pray that we will not be guilty of this.”

‘Nuff said!

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