Tithes and free will offerings may be made online. Thank you so much for your support of Community Church of the Hills!


My funding source failed for one of my scheduled gifts. I’ve fixed the funding source. Will Mogiv retry the failed gift or do I need to manually give the failed gift again?

Mogiv will not retry the failed gift on your behalf. If you wish to give in place of the one failed scheduled gift, you will need to initiate that gift again.

What is a Funding Source?

A funding source is either a credit card or bank account that you have on file with Mogiv. When you make a gift through Mogiv, the money will come out of the funding source you provide.

How do I update the mailing address I have on file with you?

Your mailing address is associated with your funding source. To update your mailing address, login and click on “Funding Sources”, and then click the “edit” button beside the funding source you wish to update. Here you can update your mailing address. Note that you will need to re-enter the payment details at the same time.

I have a new email address. How do I update my information with Mogiv?

Your default email address is your Mogiv username. If you are losing access to your default email address and want to switch to a new address, we can do that for you. First, add your new address using the following process:

  • Add a new contact method (mobile number or email address) by logging in and clicking on “Settings”. From there, click “Add New” under “Manage Contact Options”.
  • Once you have added your new email address, send an email to [email protected] letting us know which address you want to be your new default address. Once we have made this change for you, you can then delete your old address if you desire.

How long will it take a donation to show up on my bank account or credit card statement?

Generally, a donation made using a credit card should show up on your online statement the same day or next. A donation made using your bank account (ACH) should show up within 2-5 days. Remember, each financial institution is different and processing times vary from bank to bank.

How do I get a list of donations I have made?

Log in and click on “Giving Reports.” From there, you can view reports, as well as exporting them to PDF or Microsoft Excel formats.

How do I designate my donation within an organization? I want my gift to be used for a specific purpose.

You are able to give to any campaigns that are active in Mogiv. The organization(s) you support may set up campaigns for specific causes or initiatives within their organization. If the initiative you’re looking for isn’t specifically listed as a campaign, you have two options. You can give to the campaign that best matches your wishes, or you can contact the organization and suggest that they open a new campaign for that particular initiative.

How do I update my credit card or bank account information?

First, login. Click on “Funding Sources”, and then click the “edit” button beside the funding source you wish to update. Provide the updated information, click the “Save” button, and you’re done.

How do I stop a scheduled gift?

You can stop a scheduled gift by logging into Click on “Give”, and then click “Remove” beside the schedule you wish to remove.

What documentation do I get from Mogiv for income tax purposes?

You can get a year-end report by logging in and clicking on “Giving Reports”. However, any official documentation for income tax purposes will need to come from the organizations to which you gave.