Open Air: Loud Mouths


“Righteous Richard” Chavarria tried out a new idea when he and another Seedsower, Val Scott, went down to the 3rd St. Promenade to do some evangelizing recently: Stop Light Sermons! That’s right. The crazy man who preaches every Wednesday morning to unsuspecting crowds at a local DMV had now decided to do something even more absolutely ridiculous.
null Crowds gather—sometimes nearly a hundred at a time—at the beginning of 3rd Street right in front of the Santa Monica Mall; they wait for the light to change, then cross the street to do their shopping along the Promenade. This is where he and Val set up their shop, er, their preaching crate. As the people amassed along the sidewalk, Richard and Val preached 20-second sermons, finishing just as the light turned green again.

“Val waited to ‘get in the Spirit’ before he would stand on the crate to preach,” Richard explained. “While he was ‘getting in the Spirit,’ I preached 3 or 4 sermons.”
null “Then a police officer warned that I was speaking too loud, and if I didn’t lower my voice he would give me a ticket. It was amazing… the other performers had amplification louder than us, and we were the ones who were going to get a ticket.”

I wonder if George Whitefield got his start this way?

(Read about this technique (somewhat modified) for an elevator, here!)


  1. Go, go, Richard!!! Sounds awesome, guys!

    Just FYI If you get a permit to be a “performer” then you can even have amplification. 🙂

  2. I’m not perfect. The only nice thing about not being perfect is the joy it brings other people.

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