EV Tips: Speak Loud


Make it a point when sharing your faith with someone to be aware of others standing or sitting around you—then raise your voice a decibel or two; the results are amazing!
Remember, humans are natural eavesdroppers—everyone loves to hear a private conversation, so use that fact to your advantage for Jesus’ sake! Give the Law, talk about Judgment Day and Hell… then the cross of our Savior, not only to the person with whom you are talking, but to all those in the crowd as well: patrons waiting politely at their lunch table, the gang-bangers sitting on the curb, or those standing behind you at Starbucks.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing eyes role in your peripheral vision as an unwary bystander reacts to the full Gospel while standing quietly beside a bus stop.

Everyone knows that second-hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful. What many don’t realize is that second-hand faith is actually quite helpful when presented in a gracious, courteous and… loud voice.

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