How to Get Light in Your Eyes

Psalm 13:3— “Look on me and answer, Lord my God. Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep in death….”


To be left alone without God would be too horrible for words, while being left alone with Him is a taste of heaven!

If His followers spent more time alone with Him, we would have spiritual giants again.

Our Master set an example for us. Remember how often He went to be alone with God?

The greatest miracles of Elijah and Elisha took place when they were alone with God.

Jacob was alone with God when he became a prince (Gen. 32:28).

Joshua was alone when the Lord came to him (Josh. 1:1).

Gideon and Jephthah were by themselves when commissioned to save Israel (Judges 6:11; 11:29).

Moses was by himself at the burning bush (Ex. 3:1–5).

Cornelius was praying by himself when the Angel of God came to him. (Acts 10:1–4)

No one was with Peter on the housetop when he was instructed to go to the Gentiles (Acts 10:9–28).

John the Baptist was alone in the wilderness. (Luke 1:80)

John the Beloved was alone on the island of Patmos when he was the closest to God. (Rev. 1:9)

Earnestly desire to get alone with God. If we neglect to do so, we not only rob ourselves of a blessing but rob others as well, since we will have no blessing to pass on to them.

If you read 3.25 chapters a day, you will have read your Bible in a year.

Read one chapter of the New Testament a day and you’ll will finish in 8 months.

Where do you get alone with God?

*Parts of today’s devotion were taken from “Streams in the Desert.”

*This concludes 15 days of devotions related to quiet time with God and Bible reading.

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