Up in Smoke!


What do you do when the person you start sharing your faith with is already a Christian? You want to make the most of every opportunity; you can’t just let the guy go… can you? After all, God had you stop this person for a reason, right?
null A janitor was driving by in his little broom-mobile when I stopped him with some Giant Money. He accepted it gladly and was more than happy to show off his hard-earned raise. (Remember, California schools are cash-strapped, having to pay all that tax money to the Governator so he can gas up his private jet… but I digress….)

I asked him the Big money question: “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?”
He cheerfully replied that he would go to Heaven because he trusted in His Lord, Jesus Christ.

“What church do you go to?”

He told me the name of his church and actually knew the name of his pastor. Instead of saying goodbye and walking away, I asked how I could pray for him.

“I want to stop smoking,” he replied, pointing to his pipe.
null Laying my hand on his shoulder I asked that God would deliver him from his tobacco habit. He nodded his head in agreement. After we both said “Amen,” I asked him another question: “Are you really serious about stopping smoking?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then give me your pipe right now and I’ll throw it away.”

To my amazement, and without hesitation… he did!

“No sense asking God to help and not doing all that we can do,” I encouraged.

I tossed it in the trash…
…turning his pipe dream into answered prayer.

I ain’t blowing no smoke neither!

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  1. Neat. One thing I do when I’m giving out tracts and the person tells me they are already a Christian is say “Good, you can give it to somebody then.” If they are a false convert, they now have the gospel and if they are a Christian, I have just equipped them in one way to share their faith.

  2. Good goin’ Steve! Mind you, Smokey the Bear would have been chasing your tail if the trash in the can caught fire!

  3. So I was in costco as I was paying for my stuff when I went into my purse of course my million dollor bills were in my face so I passed one to the person putting stuff in my cart and went to hand one to the cashier who quickly bent down under the desk and pulled out a million pasted to a card he said he got one and was saving it to share it with a co worker there. that gave me joy.

  4. I was at the park for extras day and I noticed there was a party going on so I walked over and sarted handing out million dollor bills everyone loved them of course and satrted asking for more. I also walked up to a lady and asked her if she had gotten one of these and she said she had that she had gotten one in the mail I was so amazed I said how fun their putting them in the mail now and she said yeah and i read the whole thing about god and stuff and she rolled her eyes I said I’m so excited these things are getting around because 150,000 people die every day and half or more are going to hell. She just kind of looked disturbed and walked away but as she was leaving i said good bye and take care.

  5. oh yeah she smiled and waved and said thank you.

  6. I was in the fabric store yesterday and my daughter and i satrted handing out million dollor bills everyone was excited to get them then some one asked me where we got them and we in unison said church so i got to explain it has some good stuff on the back there alot of people think there getting to heavon but that will help you to make sure. She said thanks and walked away reading it.

  7. So I needed some cash and i was in a bank in san jacinto I got my cash and handed her a million dollor bill she started cracking up and asked if she could have more i gave her 2 more and then someone walked up behind her so I handed him 5 and and he handed them out to the rest of the employees. I did see the lady reading the back as I left. Praise god.

  8. We went to chuckie cheese in san Jacinto the same day and I got to give the cashier guy one he thought it was cool and asked for more. He asked where i got them I said church make sure you read the back. He said cool he would then he found me later and asked for a couple more.

  9. My daughter had musical practice and I know she loves to hand out her million dollor bills so I brought in 50 and when she was done i gave them to her and she handed them to all the kids there for practice I saw the teenagers reading them and laughing except a few of them did not seem to find it amusing they actuley looked disturbed which made me think the holy spirit was working. yaaay anyway she passed out everyone of the 50.

  10. At a grinder place we were in in riverside i handed out a million to the cashier then he handed some to everyone that worked there so my daughter and I made our rounds we got every person in the place b4 we ate then we were there a long time and we noticed there was all new people so we did another round. When we were walking out I got to talk to some gangster looking guy and I told him make sure you read the back of that to make sure your gonna make it to heaven he asked if he could have some more to give to his friends. Oh yeah the guy at the counter was excited about the bill because april fools was coming up. So I gave him some more and told him to make sure who ever got it would read it. he said yeah no problem. My mom was kinda worried that everyone would think they were just for fun she said do you think they are gonna know to read them? I said I don’t know go see if they are she went back into the grinder place ande said she saw atleast 10 people reading them when she came back out she saw more.

  11. My girls and I went for a walk with some bills we walked up to a lady to give her one and her friend got a big kick out of it and said she wanted one too so we gave them to her and another lady walked up and said she got one in the mail and wanted more for some family members. That was fun!

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