My Wife’s Evangelistic Zeal Despite the Trial


I reported last week that my wife Karen woke up one morning and discovered that half of her face was paralyzed, a symptom, we discovered, of Bell’s Palsy. Though there has not been much improvement, we are very grateful for the many tears and prayers that have been shed on her behalf. Thank you for all your support. But there is some good news: Karen has a renewed evangelistic zeal. How can that be? Read about it in her own words:

“Since I’ve had the paralysis I’ve come to understand that people are going to think what they are going to think no matter how I present myself.
nullThis has given me new boldness in witnessing. Regardless of how hard it is to form my words—people might think that I’ve had a stroke or that I’m developmentally disabled—I just go right ahead and talk to everybody about the Lord, and hand out more than my daily goal of three tracts. I don’t worry about sounding stupid or looking silly, because there is nothing that I can do about it anyway.”

If you’d like to leave an encouraging word or prayer for Karen, I’ll see to it that she reads them. Please, no bad news. Thanks.


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