My Wife’s Evangelistic Zeal Despite the Trial


I reported last week that my wife Karen woke up one morning and discovered that half of her face was paralyzed, a symptom, we discovered, of Bell’s Palsy. Though there has not been much improvement, we are very grateful for the many tears and prayers that have been shed on her behalf. Thank you for all your support. But there is some good news: Karen has a renewed evangelistic zeal. How can that be? Read about it in her own words:

“Since I’ve had the paralysis I’ve come to understand that people are going to think what they are going to think no matter how I present myself.
nullThis has given me new boldness in witnessing. Regardless of how hard it is to form my words—people might think that I’ve had a stroke or that I’m developmentally disabled—I just go right ahead and talk to everybody about the Lord, and hand out more than my daily goal of three tracts. I don’t worry about sounding stupid or looking silly, because there is nothing that I can do about it anyway.”

If you’d like to leave an encouraging word or prayer for Karen, I’ll see to it that she reads them. Please, no bad news. Thanks.


  1. Karen,

    In our weakness, He is strong. It will be exciting to see how God uses this season in your life in a powerful way, a way in which only He can- as we all continue to pray for your complete healing. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Pr 17:22). You are an encouragement to us all, how in even your “down” times you continue to exhibit the joy of the Lord. God bless you and heal you.


  2. Awesome job evangelizing, Karen! Ray and I have been praying for you. Thank you for your example of love and joy in the Lord in all circumstances. God bless you dear sister!

    Also, a birthday note to you Steve:
    Happy Birthday!!!! May the Lord bless you, your family, and ministry!

    In Christ,
    Kryslynn & Ray

  3. Karen, i just want to encourage you in the Lord and remind you that the joy of the Lord is your strength! Keeping you and your family in prayer. Be blessed, In the name of Jesus!

  4. Wow, Karen, that’s amazing how God is using this for His glory and how He’s given you a new perspective through this experience… I pray that it is just an experience and that soon you have freedom of movement in your beautiful face again! Life can be amazing when we don’t get caught up in what other people think! Kudos, Love and Blessings to you and yours- Wendy:)

  5. Hello Sanchez family, I am inspired by your constant zeal for the LORD! It is amazing how far the lord has brought you two, or should I say four of you since we knowned you. Sometimes life pressures us from every direction, but you guys are a good example to having your gauges fixed on Jesus as your strenght. Keep up the good work and we are praying for you and Steve.

    Thank you for being willing and available.

  6. Wow Karen! You blow me away. You have had more than your share of “dificulties” in the past couple of years. I am so impressed how you and Steve have not only come through the trials, but continue to press on harder than before. I praise God for your good attitude, and pray that it is contagious.
    Also, please know that we (me, the family, and minichurch) are praying for you.
    Can’t wait to hear more good news about you. Good job Karen.

  7. Hello dear Karen!!! I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you!!! My Mom suffered from Bell’s palsy as well so I’m familiar with the road you’re on. As you know, there’s so much to be encouraged about….. you will recover…. just takes time…. Sounds like the Lord is really working through you as He always has =) He is so faithful and I’m trusting you into His great care!! I’ll be watching for Steve’s updates….. love always, Jill

  8. Praise God Karen! That is so encouraging and uplifting to my spirit. What have I to fear? I’m always concerned about what other people think about me, and I know I shouldn’t be. Thanks for being an encouragement to me, I don’t need to fear anymore. 🙂

    You have inspired me!


  9. Karen,

    Just a note to let you know that I’ve been praying for you daily since your latest “bump in the road.

    It’s so encouraging to hear your still out there sharing your faith. Keep up the “good” work.



  10. I thank God for you sister Karen. Thank you for keeping your mind set on Christ and the Lost despite your current situation. We are praying for a complete healing for you as well as for God to continue to use you during this trial. God Bless and keep being Faithful to JESUS!

    In Christ,

  11. Dear Karen- Thank you for your faithful example to all of us. It encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I pray that God will continue to use you to further His kingdom. May He bring healing to you very soon. Love in Christ, your sister Sue

  12. God uses all things to glorify His son. I’m sure my words are similar to many others here, but I can’t help but express the truth, that Jesus Christ is not only the author, but the perfecter; I can only affirm this simple fact, that Jesus Christ loves you for your obedience. I will pray for you guys. Praise God for every struggle He gives us, may we see that suffering for His sake leads to joy and that every struggle overcome is another echo of the grace of God in our lives.

  13. Karen,
    You are truly an inspiration to all of us who are tempted, daily, to take the “easy” way out and NOT share our faith because we are concerned with what someone will think. It is always amazing to see how God uses our circumstances to grow us. Not only do you remain strong in your faith, but your courage shows us what God would have us do when faced with difficulties and challenges.

    I am praying for your full and speedy recovery. I know that your lovely smile is still shining through your eyes, as it always does. And, how much MORE we will appreciate it for having missed it while God is doing His healing work.

    Blessings and Love to you, Steve, D.D. and Laurel Ann.

    Joy Stevens

  14. May His presence be felt always in your lives, may your feet carry you always to his calling and may all be Glorified in His Name. My prayers are always with you Steve and Karen for all you have done and all you will be doing. May God Bless you and keep you always. May all be healed In Jesus’s name..
    Your prayer warrior.. Debbie

  15. Mrs. Sanchez, I want to chime in with the my other brothers and sisters with how encouraging it was for me to see you and hearing how life’s lemon has caused you to make lemon aid for the Kingdom. I now see what a fantastic difference Jesus makes in a believer’s life. You have put legs to your faith and have proved God’s word to be true. Especially the scripture that says: …”All things work to the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose…”

    P.S. Brother Brad, Ray, Eric and I had a wonderful time at the H.C. HOP.

  16. Hi Karen & Steve ~

    With all the health problems Karen has had and now this, your faith keeps on going on…… like the Energizer bunny. Interesting how Satan will attack any way he can, but it’s God that gets our attention, allowing these things to happen.

    We love you guys and pray for a healing, Karen.

  17. In pressing ahead, Karen, irregardless of your circumstances, you are a steadfast example of a follower of Christ who has the victory in him! You are continuing to glorify Father with your very being!! Some would challenge and say that true victory is being totally healed of a malady; I challenge them in light of Paul who forever had that thorn in his side. And look at all he accomplished! He had the victory and so do you! You are an inspiration to me, Karen. I continue in prayer to Father for your provision and protection; but most of all, may he use you mightily in His work! Happy B-day Steve from one who shares the same date!

  18. Dear Sister,

    Never met you. Never will. Not until, at least and last, we are in Heaven.

    Apparently there are not supposed to be any tears in Heaven. But wait unitil I gather everyone around and bemoan my life on earth with the woes of my pesky ingrown toenail. Tears will be flowing in such abundance they’ll rust your harp strings!

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

    Sorry to you.
    Glory to God.

    Prayers from Canada,


  19. Oh Father, how great you are! No one is like you and there is no one who cares for us as you do. In the name of your beloved son Yeshua I pray that today will be the day that Karen will experience wholeness in her body through your Holy Spirit. Thank you for always being attentive to our prayers.

  20. Hi Karen and Steve,

    I ask God to put a blessing on you along with your family to heal you. It is a blessing that this has brought you closer to the Lord so you can know Him even better. And as our church puts their faith and prayers to God in this situation I only hope He will find favor and give you a cure and then we will be able to rejoice with even more happiness in the Lord over how much He loves and cares for us.

  21. Hi Karen:

    My family and I pray for you each night when we get together for evening prayers. Hunter and Christina are especially contrite and God very often answers their prayers. This of course amazes me how quickly their payers get answered but it does not seem to amaze them whatsoever. They just know God will do it. Having faith is not just believing that God can do it, but “knowing” that God will do it. Luke 8:45 – 48.

    God bless you Karen,

  22. Karen,

    You are doing such a beautiful work for the Lord Jesus, the Devil just can not take it, and there you go continuing to praise The Lord in the midst of your illness, (I can not even call it suffering), as you continue to display such a boldness, Faithfulness and lovely caring heart for the lost.
    Great shall your reward in Heaven be as you shine for our Lord, even when things are not as perfect as we would like. You are quite Victorious!!
    And I am Encouraged! As are many others who see your life from afar…You are being greatly used by God!
    Stand Strong, you are so LOVED!


    Cindy Parsons

  23. My Dear Sister;

    I am praying along with all the other prayer worriors for your fast recovery, the way I see it is we are being refined like pure gold by our Master, all of thiese trials are to make us stronger not only in our faith but in our trust on our Lord Jesus, knowing and understanding that “This to shall pass” hang on to His promisses, I know that he will see you through, what ever it is you are going through right now, will be a blessing to many others along the way.
    My mother has had Bell’s Paulsy twice, last time just in November, she looks as gorgeous as before she had it; it took a few weeks for her face to start going back to normal, and she is now much better. You are a beautifull woman Inside and Out. May our Creator bless you and yours always, and know that we love you. (Bill & I)

    Ingrid Caslin

  24. Dear Karen,

    May God bless you for your courage in the midst of trial. I pray that you know and feel the love of God by the power of His Holy Spirit more fully as you allow Him to work through you in Jesus’ name. Thank you for sharing your testimony.


    Laura Kilcollins

  25. Dear Karen — I echo the sentiments of many here. You are an encouragement to us. Thank you for being a faithful witness for the Lord. We are praying for you and your family.

    Much love,

  26. Clearly, God is trying to tell you something! Clearly, your faith in Christ is solid, but yet, God has levered upon your wife things that he levered upon many sinners in the Bible!

    Clearly, you must be going about faith all wrong! God sends sickness as one means of punishment, as in Hebrews 12. Maybe you should try another religion!

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