Quotes of the Week


“Because I have a bad mouth, I like fighting, and I steal.”
—Siond Tuli, a very large college student of island descent on why he thinks that he would go to Hell instead of Heaven.


“#?@&%!! Why don’t you shut up! #?@&%!!
You blankin’ #?@&%!!”

—The very manly, angry, linebackerish woman standing in line and reacting enthusiastically to my Gospel preaching before the doors opened at the Torrance DMV.


  1. Dear Pastor Steve, thanks for the update on Karen. I have been praying for her and I’m sure a lot of others have been too. Thank Heavens she has a great attitude and I am sure that she will be getting better soon. Please give her my love,
    Love you lots,

  2. Would you consider adding me to your blogroll? I subscribe to Hell’s Best Kept Secret.

  3. Hey, when you start bothering people and submitting your nonsensical superstitions to the arena of public discourse, you’ll get the criticism that such foolishness deserves.

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