Jesus at the Strip Club

My friend Linda Bush took our evangelism class for the first time way back in 2007. She is relatively shy and unassuming… and if you knew her, you would never think that she would ever do something like this: share her faith in front of a strip club! But she did. And she faithfully prayed

Those Dam Guys!

I took my first bike ride of the spring and noticed a bunch of construction workers busily repairing our little levee. I offered them each a raise in the form of a one trillion dollar bill gospel tract, then preached a 90 second Gospel message to this rough-hewn bunch. The result? The foreman said: “We

Yes, Virginia, I’m Still Preaching!

As I continue to transition my life from Southern California pastoring/street preaching to southwest Texas church planting, you may be wondering if I’ve fallen off the evangelistic bandwagon. Perish the thought! I’ve spent the majority of my time posting my evangelistic adventures on Facebook (Steve P. Sanchez), Instagram (stevepsanchez), and Twitter (@stevepsanchez). For the record,