Those Dam Guys!

I took my first bike ride of the spring and noticed a bunch of construction workers busily repairing our little levee. I offered them each a raise in the form of a one trillion dollar bill gospel tract, then preached a 90 second Gospel message to this rough-hewn bunch.

The result?

DamThe foreman said: “We don’t want to be preached to while we’re working, especially here on the street.” His fellow laborers nodded, winked at each other and smiled mockingly.

“I’m working too; I’m a pastor.”

“It figures,” replied the foreman with disgust.

I then concluded my sermonette to the construction crew’s now-turned away backs: “I’m saying this to you because I love you. Consider what I’ve said. You’ve been warned. I’m Pastor Steve Sanchez and you’re all invited to Hope Chapel Hill Country in Dripping Springs.”

And with that, I pedaled away.

Think any will visit?

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