Witnessing to the Walmart Witch


Courtney, the Walmart customer service lady, (looking down), kept answering “Summerland” when I asked if she’d go to Heaven or Hell when she died.

wiccan“Heaven or Hell?”


The only two choices I’m giving you are Heaven or Hell.”

“Summerland. I’m a Wiccan,” she declared.

Since she wouldn’t answer I had to go to Plan B: I  preached a one minute Gospel to her so she’d understand there is no Summerland, only Hell, because of her idolatry.

What did she do? Thanked me over and over again to get me to go away. “Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.”

Yet I didn’t go away until she heard fully the full Gospel, thank you very much.

A co-worker walked behind her and gave me a Thumb’s Up.

Another co-worker, a Muslim, in full head covering, began her shift. I resisted giving her the Good News because too many people were lining up at the counter.

I know my limits.

The next day I received this comment on Facebook from an atheist: “I don’t understand why you bible thumpers just cant leave us the f*@k alone, funny how we, who choose alternative ideas, don’t push our thoughts/ideas on to you bible thumpers but you think its ok to bombard us with your thoughts and ideas.”

Here was my response: “I would have to be the most hateful person in the world to NOT share the Gospel with Courtney, or you for that matter. If I didn’t share, I would be overlooking the fact of your horrible future reality. So no. As a Bible Thumper, I love you too much not to speak.”

urselfn 1urself 2urself 3Comic by Adam Ford


  1. “Yet I didn’t go away until she heard fully the full Gospel, thank you very much.”

    Incredible arrogance. Like she had never heard of Jesus before. But she hadn’t heard about Jesus from Steve Sanchez, he’s special.

  2. I feel for the lady. She was at work and required to be polite and not argue with the customer. I would find that situation both unpleasant and threatening. Someone is trying to force an ideology on me in a confrontational manner in a situation that could imperil my livelihood.
    On my personal time I have no issue with practitioners of assorted religions trying to pester me with their doctrines. I simply return the favor and point out all of the flaws in what they are saying and treat them as someone who desperately needs me to save them from their delusions. It is fun and when I am bored with it I can just walk away, although the proselytizers usually walk away first.
    If the only way you can get people to listen to your message is to hold their job hostage you might consider changing your tactics.
    That being said I haven’t commented on your blog in some time but I have checked it now and again. Your adventure with the new church is interesting. Good luck.

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