The Police Were Called


The lady in the photo is calling the police.

On me.

Why? Because I was giving her students the Gospel.

When I ride my bike on Saturday mornings a group of men usually hangs out on the sidewalk in front of an office building smoking cigarettes and talking with each other. I like to stop, hand out a few Gospel tracts, then share how they might have a relationship with God.

The first time I did this, the lady rebuked me and angrily told me to get out of there.

I didn’t.

It’s a public sidewalk and the men, though wary when she’s around, still listen to me as I talk to them about sin, judgment and the forgiveness found in Christ.

A few weeks later, I saw another group of men in the same place doing the same thing: enjoying their cigarettes and conversations with each other. They welcomed me and answered all my spiritual questions about where they would go when they die.

Then the lady appeared again, this time with a camera. She scolded me, told me to leave, and when I refused, she snapped a couple of photos in my direction.

Of course, I smiled.

Which brings me to the picture of her calling the police….

This last time, as I was conversing with the men on the public sidewalk, she was livid. She screamed for me to get out of there accusing me of harassing her students. I told her they could simply walk inside.

Suddenly, a 6 foot three, 280 pound behemoth appeared behind me and shouted, “Get out here!!!” He then put his lips next to my left ear and thundered, “Get out of here!!!” Only more loudly. I was just waiting for his gorilla paw to smack me a good one while I straddled my bike, defenseless.

A little rattled, I continued my Gospel message and pulled out my camera and took a picture of the lady. She hurried inside to her class, as did all her students. The big man left when I trained my video camera on him.

Are you a bit curious about what type of class this lady teaches?

Anger management.


  1. Oh Steve, that made me laugh out loud. I pray for your continued protection, and boldness to preach the Gospel everywhere. You inspire the rest of us. I wish I was so bold. I think my wife Cheryl is more bold than I am when it comes to sharing in tough environments. She’s absolutely fearless! We’ll be in the abortion class this next time around. She wants to finish it this time.

    God bless you Pastor!

  2. Steve…are you going to return? If so, I suggest you continue to stay on the sidewalk and bring a praying friend with a camera rolling. Keep up the good work!

  3. I’m SO MAD at that woman for yelling at you the way she did! I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it; maybe I should take her class!

  4. How is preaching to children without parental concent ethical?

  5. Wait a second….wouldn’t most “anger management” classes be taught by a government contractor to guys plea bargaining down to a lower sentence on the condition of submitting to such classes? And if so, shouldn’t said contractor know about the law in this regard?

    Hilarious story, but pretty sad if I understand things right.

  6. Its unethical to share the Gospel with kids? I’ve been talking to adults, teens, and even children about the Gift of God for 15 years. I don’t see the ethical problem. If someone talks to my kids about Islam, Hinduism, or any other religion, its a free country, but my kids will know the reasons for their faith, apologetics, etc.

  7. Ha Ha Ha! That is real funny! That should tell the students right there that maybe they need to find a new teacher on anger management real quick! It makes me think of the story Ray Comfort told about the guy who was going crazy and being angry while he was open-airing. The guy was going around trying to convince everyone that people are not LOVING ENOUGH! If only they could see themselves they may think different, maybe. Praise God, Pastor Steve for not giving up in giving the gospel to the students who seemed understanding and willing to listen!!!

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