My Friend Frank, the Atheist


Atheist evangelists. Why? Can you think of anything more ridiculous than grown men standing around with signs proclaiming that God doesn’t exist?
null If He doesn’t exist, why even mention it?

These guys were middle-aged engineers, wasting their time under a brilliantly beautiful blue sky—a designer-less heaven, of course.

But I had a little fun with them, especially Frank “Millstone”, the clueless man who tried earnestly to convince my little girl that there was no Santa Clause, no Easter Bunny, and therefore, no God. (Click here to read that account.)
null After he finally stopped to take a breath, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Come here, Frank.”

He followed.

I set up my preaching stool, stood on it, and pointing to Frank I shouted loudly, “Hey folks, this man is an atheist; he believes there is no God. All you have to do is look up to see that’s not true. How many people here believe that there is a God?” About 15 hands shot up from the crowd of twenty gawkers. I pointed to Frank and continued, “The Bible says that only a fool believes in his heart that there is no God.”

Frank tried to interrupt, but I ignored him and launched into a five minute open air sermon, warning of sin, Judgment Day, and Hell. I pleaded for people to trust in the Savior while Frank, my preaching dummy, stood by helplessly. He was waiting for his turn on the stool, I suppose, because he never left my side. I referred to Frank as my atheist friend, “who believes there is no God.”

“I’m not your friend,” he muttered.

After my final appeal for the crowd to repent, I thanked them for listening, then climbed down. As Frank hurried over to my stool to give a rebuttal, I picked it up, folded it closed, and walked away. Frank was left all alone, just he and his God who doesn’t exist.

I felt so guilty. ;>)

***Now read about how my then 8-year-old daughter outsmarted another atheist by clicking here.


  1. We had Atheists giving out tracts attacking the justice system of Christianity, using scripture to try and contradict the Bible. Ravenhill said, “Either the Bible is absolute or obsolete.” Every scripture verse they used should’ve been marked out as they don’t believe in the Bible. And they say we have a contradictory faith. Ha!

  2. Impressive, Steve. You took advantage of and insulted someone under the guise of allowing him the chance to discuss your opinions with you, refused to allow him the chance to say anything while you went on and on, and when you were finished you point-blank refused to give him a few moments of your time.

    Normally I could understand your intolerant attitude, given that he had been trying to convince your daughter of something you don’t accept, but by your own admission it was you who initiated that exchange by using her to insult him (“even an 8-year-old child knows that God exists”). An insult which falls somewhat flat, since your daughter didn’t come to the conclusion that God exists: you taught her to unconditionally trust that that conclusion was correct from a very young age.

    PS: Girl-me says “hi.” Well, technically she says “What an admirable example of christian morality you are, Steve. I’m just dying to accept Jesus if it means I can learn to treat people with such christian love, you…” followed by a few colourful adjectives and a noun I had to look up, but we’ll stick with “hi”.

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