My Daughter Confronts the Atheist


My daughter D.D. and I visited Ray Comfort and his team on Saturday down at the Huntington Beach Pier where we encountered a bunch of evangelistic atheists.
null One rather caustic man, Frank, challenged my daughter after I asked her this question in front of him: “D.D., is there a God?”

D.D. replied matter-of-factly, “Yes!”

With a smile, I pointed out to Frank that even an 8-year-old child knows that God exists.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic He knelt down, and in a smooth, Satan-like tone, tried to convince her otherwise, to no avail. D.D. looked at me and would have rolled her eyes if she was wasn’t taught to be respectful to her elders, even when they are headed for Hell.

Below, read Ray Comfort’s version of events (from his blog, w/permission), as he stood on the sidelines aghast at this foolish man’s persistance.

By Ray Comfort

I was at Huntington Beach just after open air preaching, when a friend showed up with his eight year-old daughter. She’s a sweet little kid with a strong faith in God. Some time later I saw him conversing with an atheist named Frank. Frank had been heckling me, and seemed to consider himself to be quite an intellectual. When my friend’s little girl told the atheist that she believed in God, Frank bent down to her and in a fatherly way told her that God was just like Santa Clause–He didn’t exist. How could he do such a thing? I was horrified. He was like a poor mentally challenged man, sticking a fork into a live power outlet. I said, “Frank, do you know what a millstone is?” (To continue reading, go to Ray’s Blog by clicking here.)


  1. I was just about to say that Ray had that on his blog. Way to go D.D!!!! Praise God!

  2. I am sure my 8 year old girl will be able to beat your 8 year old girl in a debate about this topic. 🙂 lol

  3. Hey Steve:
    Thanks again for taking the time to keep all the stories and comments going. I don’t read it as much as Brigitte, but it is a HUGE blessing when I do. Its definitely entertaining and fun, but I also appreciate it to get some insight from other Christians that are out there in the battle field, when opposition comes, to realize how our King and Lord would want us to handle things as Christians, like the guy (Mike Turk) who got physically confronted.
    I must say in case anyone else reads this, that an even better way to learn is to actually get out there with the Evangelism group and witness how fun and exciting it is (even if it is just going along to watch at first) to see firsthand what God is doing.
    Despite some of the scary stories, there are also many who, despite their pride, suddenly understand how sinful they are in the eyes of the Judge of the universe. It is worth it to reach out to those people who realize they are lost, but can’t know which way to go unless we share with them the “Good News”as our Jesus himself definitively instructed us to do.
    Anyways, the last comments are bordering hypocrisy since it has been a while since I have made it out with the group. I don’t think you get any credits in heaven when you encourage people to go (Like I did with Craig for the academy awards) and then default on showing up yourself. I sure miss you all. Things are finally starting to get more stable since the wedding, so I hope to be out there with you all soon.
    God bless Steve : )

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