Centenarian Psycho?


On a recent visit to Little Saigon we gave a $100 Bill Gospel tract to a woman who was 103-years-old! I encouraged one of the Vietamese women on our team to present the Gospel to Granny because time was of the essence. She did.
“She says that she’s Catholic!” our Vietamese translator protested.

“I don’t care,” I replied. “Ask her if she has repented.”

Her Grandson-in-law, who was pushing her wheelchair and who apparently had issues with this sweet little Centenarian, interrupted our evangelistic encounter:

“She’ll never admit to any wrong. She came at me with a knife once and she still is not sorry.”
Poo-pooing our sense of urgency, he added: “Her mom lived to be 112; you’ll see her next year.”

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