Sudden Death: Stop Light!


Darione Page, a 17-year-old black youth, was shot multiple times while waiting at a traffic light at the intersection in South-Central L.A.  on Jan. 28. According to detectives with LAPD’s South Bureau, a black male suspect approached Page from the passenger side of his vehicle and fired several shots. Page tried to drive away but collided with a parked vehicle. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:37 p.m. —From the L.A. Times Homicide Report Blog 

This is why we preach at stop lights!
Read about Stop Light Preaching here!


  1. And now for the news…

    December in Toronto saw an pedestrian, a husband and father of two young kids, get shot to death on the street when an angry ex-bar patron fired his gun toward a bouncer standing at the door of a club and missed.

    January in Toronto saw another innocent family man get gunned down in front of a hospital as he got caught in a crossfire of bullets during a gang related broad daylight shootout.

    February in Halifax saw a 16 year old girl sentenced to 1 year in jail for beating up a female senior citizen in a park with steel legs from a table. The judge was perplexed at sending the defendant to jail because the young girl claimed she did it so she could go back to jail ,where she had spent some time before, as it was a safe haven for her, with 3 square meals a day and a comfortable bed.

    “Aaaaahhh!! Will somebody PLEASE change the channel?”

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