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“What if I sell stuff that someone else has stolen—and I don’t know about it?” —A Los Cerritos College student’s answer to the question: “Have you ever stolen anything?” as I attempted to share the Gospel with him.


  1. Steve, I’m not quite sure where to posts this, but I have a question for you. I am very familiar with WOTM and all the statistics of modern evangelism (false converts). I see alot of seeker sensitive and emergent churches around the country filling up with people. I realize that will happen when the Gospel is watered down. But, I know in Acts 2, the true gospel was preached and 3000 souls were added in one day. My question is, Is the church growing from the WOTM technique? I have witnessed so far probably 500 times or so using WOTM. I feel that using the Law is the only way. But, although I have seen people touched with the Gospel, I have now witnessed anyone get their life right with God. I know its not important to count salvations, but it would be sure encouraging to see some fruit of this method (WOTM). What has been the success from your church?

  2. Chad,

    If we are evangelizing the lost in a biblical way, the only time we fail in evangelism is when we fail to evangelize. We all would love to see more of the beautiful fruit of seeing lost people saved, but let’s not forget that the road is narrow that leads to life and few will find it.

    And let us also not forget that Jeremiah served the Lord for 50+ years by calling people to repentance. He did not see a single person repent and trust during his ministry. Certainly none of us who know the Lord would call His prophet Jeremiah a failure.

    A pastor once told me that he did not believe gospel tract distribution was effective because he had never seen anyone come to church as a result of a gospel tract. I was quick to point out that the purpose of distributing gospel tracts is not to see people come to church, but rather to see people come to repentance and faith.

    As is the case with gospel tracts, we will not fully know the result of our verbal, evangelistic labors unitl we reach heaven. I can’t wait to meet those with whom the Lord allowed me to share the Law and the Gospel, and came to true repentance and faith maybe hours, days, or years after our conversation.

    Hang in there, Chad. Your labors of love for the Lord and for lost people are not in vain! 🙂

  3. Good stuff, Tony. I’m going to put this as an article later!

  4. “The only time we fail in evangelism is when we fail to evangelize.”

    ZINGER of a quote, Tony! Can I use that? Been following up on your ministry. Inspiring work. Thanks.

  5. Steve thanks for the article. I totally agree about the sinners prayer. After I heard Ray Comforts analogy of a man committing adultery and asking someone to lead him in an apology to his wife, my eyes have been opened. I always explain to people after using the Law of God’s grace through Jesus and they have to use their own words to get their life right. I explain what they should say and challenge them to say it. Beleive me I have learned WOTM to the T. I just personally have not seen anyof them in fellowship. LAWMAN thanks for the encouraging words. I will never stop proclaiming Jesus Christ to the lost no matter the results. The mentallity of lots of christians are if you can’t count the decisions ,noone got saved. I know thats not right. I find the message I preach makes it harder for people to submit their lives to Christ, because I put such an emphasis on a total life change. I tell people if they are not ready to completely, 100% turn from their old life of sin and start followoing Christ , not to make any decision. But I also let them know what the consequences are for not being born-again. Its a harder witnessing approach ,but I think when someone does come to Christ ,they are soundly saved for life. Thanks guys.

  6. Also guys, When 3000 people got saved in Acts 2 ,someone had to somehow know that 3000 people got saved to write about it. I know the count is not important but it is important to get people saved. I was just wondering if you have seen fruit of new converts in your church? I guess the more you witness the more likely chance you will get to see a true conversion. If there are new converts out there that we don’t know, who is discipling them? After a witnessing encounter I always invite them to church or I tell them to find a church,read their bible and obey what it says. Sorry for the extra posts it was just another thought. Thanks for your time.

  7. Chad,

    That’s the key right there! We must remember, we are called to preach (Mark 16), but we are COMMANDED to make disciples (Matthew 28)!

    We do a disservice to the Lord, by making converts and not disciples. We are to “teach them to obey” all that Jesus commanded us.

    If you follow the Scriptures in Acts 2, it goes on to tell us that they “devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer… breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord was continually adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.”

    If we are going to teach others “Biblical Evangelism” we owe it to them to teach “Biblical Discipleship”

  8. Pastor Doug,

    We are not just called to preach the Gospel, we are commanded in Mark 16:15.

  9. Pastor Doug,

    We are not just called to preach the Gospel, we are commanded in Mark 16:15.

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