Dollhouse Dude


I was on the campus of Los Cerritos College doing a little evangelizing with my friend Tony Miano, when a rather strange man, incoherent and a bit confused, offered us an opportunity to visit his website, which had something to do with his nickname, “The Dollhouse Dude,” a name that was apparently given to him by the students on campus. Thinking it was a questionable site, not fit for a good Christian’s eyes, we changed the subject to eternal things. “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” I asked. Refusing to answer, he disappeared behind his van.

A few minutes later Tony shouted, “Whoa!” when he spotted the strange man returning from his vehicle.

I turned around to see that the Dollhouse Dude was indeed The Dollhouse Dude!
Apparently, his fame had gone to his head.

Tony Miano is the head of the Ambassador’s Alliance, a new evangelism training school of The Way of the Master. You can read Tony’s version of events at his blog, The Lawman Chronicles, by clicking here!


  1. “Apparently, his fame had gone to his head.”

    Now that’s funny! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t wanna be the head of that household if it ever caught fire!

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