Porta-Potty Preaching Live!!!


Three weeks ago I wrote about preaching in front of the Porta-Potties at the Tournament of Roses Parade (read it here).
But now, see it live! It’s in two parts because we were suddenly interrupted by the police and had to reposition ourselves!

The first part is only three minutes long, and yes, I made two verbal errors; see if you can hear them. In part 2 below (a little over a minute long), notice the man who hurriedly exits out of the Potty. Was it conviction or did he think I was just full of it?




  1. Why can’t you edit these two segments into one? Many who start feeling bad by hearing the Law in the first will not want to watch the second. I know it was the cop who was only trying to clear the street, but since your message continued, these should not be two vids, only one.

  2. It’s almost like you don’t even take your own religion seriously…

    What a joke.

    At least people have the opportunity to vomit into a toilet at what you’re saying.

  3. Thanks Andrew. Hmmm, sounds like you may be an atheist?

    I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments.

  4. Hey Andrew,

    If it were such that this Steve guy had to go to you to gain your approval before setting out to evangelize, what would you have him do differently in order to fulfill your expectations? I’m just curious.

    Also, Steve is assuming you’re an atheist. He may be right. So I may be wrong in assuming that you’re actually not. I just have this hunch.

    What say you?

  5. Way to go Pastor Steve! The porta potty preaching was spot on! Prayerfully someone got a hold of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, repented and put their faith and trust in Him!!

  6. Pastor Steve, you are Godly incorrigible.

    Thank God for you….

    Pray more people will realize God’s Love for them through you.

    Blessed you, Pastor Steve!

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