Famous Lost Words: The KISS Guy?


I can’t be entirely sure… but I think the following comments are from the KISS guy whom I interviewed a year ago on Hollywood Blvd..
null You see, I met him again last December (and interviewed him again), and told him that his video interview is very popular on GodTube and YouTube. On GodTube alone, it’s been seen over 31,000 times! (You can see it by clicking here.)

Why do I think it’s him? Well, the KIIS guy’s name is Gary, and the commenter’s name is Gary. He seems to be rather agitated, more so than the average irritated viewers who watch my evangelistic interviews (that is, except for the American Indians who want me to die of cancer because of my interview with one of their own). So heeeeeeere’s Gary’s comments:

“Steve was being a total jerk to the guy! The questions he was asking were a set-up!! What if the situation were reversed and STEVE was being asked those questions?? Could this jerk actually answer NO to any of those questions??? I DOUBT IT!!!! And what about his cameraman??? What about ANYBODY IN THE WORLD?????? And that includes any of you reading this right now!! The questions are set up to make ANYONE look like an ass!!!!”
—Gary Downe


  1. comment to Gary’s comment: Wow, I have a totally opposite view. Funny how two people can see the same thing and see it totally different. I don’t think the Kiss impersonator looked like an a** at all, nor did he look foolish while answering the questions. He gave me the impression of being a very nice, gentle, like-able person. And of course the questions are a set up. Set up to make a person think about what they really believe. Even interviewers or reporters who do this for a living, are prepared with questions, before they go out to work. I also do not think that guy Steve was a jerk. (Steve actually seemed like a nice caring guy, not pushy or rude at all) But it is my opinion (if you care) that the Kiss Impersonator should find out if he truly does believe what the bible teaches, or not. ~ Nancy

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