Evangelism Gone Wrong, Part 15: Pig-Headed Preaching Revisited…and Rebuked!


A few weeks back I reported on the “Christian Thugs” who had the bright idea of preaching with a real pig’s head on a stick (read about it here).

What was the reaction from the Muslims they were preaching to at an Arab Festival?


In America.

In part 16, Lady Gaga gets a tract by a guy who gives Christ a really bad name. Click here to see  the video.


  1. Always good to see religion bringing out the best in people…

  2. Isn’t that what your “religion” is doing for you? After all, you are a believer, right?

  3. Sadly Ruben Isreal would rather attention to himself rather then to Jesus.

  4. I used to be Catholic Steve L, I no longer follow that religion.

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