Destinations: Redondo Beach Pier


If you are leading a regular weekly evangelism outing it’s always a good idea to go to an easy place once in awhile. Most likely, you are bringing along inexperienced would-be evangelists, so you want to take them to a place where they will have great success. Sometimes, the friendliness of a specific location can vary immensely within just a few miles. That’s why we go to the Redondo Beach Pier every week on Fridays, and once a month on Saturdays.

John Wesley wrote this in his journal concerning different locations and the peoples’ receptivity:

“About eleven we took horse. While we were dining at Nairn, the innkeeper said, ‘Sir, the gentlemen of the town have read the little book you gave me on Saturday, and would be glad if you would please to give them a sermon.’ Upon my consenting, the bell was immediately rung, and the concregation was quickly in the [church]. Oh what a difference is there between South and North Britain! Everyone here at least loves to hear the Word of God, and none takes it in his head to speak one uncivil word to any for endeavoring to save their souls.”

Meet at Hope Chapel every Friday at 4:30 for a one hour excursion to the Redondo Beach Pier, and this Saturday at noon.


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