Evangelism Gone Wrong, Pt. 16: Lady Gaga Gets a Gospel Tract


Here’s a classic example of how never to hand out a gospel tract. This evangelist, videotaped by Lady Gaga’s film crew, missed a golden opportunity to be nice to a big name celebrity as he gave her a tract with the message of everlasting life. (Start at part 1 of this series by clicking here.)

As Christians, we ought be the most gracious, most polite, most tactful of people when we share our faith. Sadly, not everyone feels or acts the same way. Our team sees this man quite often when we go out to big events—and we stay on the other side of the street so as not to be associated with his unloving methods. (Disclaimer: This is someone else’s video, re-cut and edited a little over-cautiously with some corny music at the end.)

Now, read the sad saga of Rock’n Rollen Stewart, the infamous John 3:16 guy who should up at sporting events in the 70s…and is now serving three life sentences. Click here for that story.


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