Atheists’ Anger Aflame!


More and more atheists are watching my anti-Blasphemy Challenge video, getting the Gospel, and not liking it at all! If you want to go to the YouTube site to watch my “Guerrilla Action Video,” and read all the comments, uncensored, then click here!
null Here are some more comments from real live atheists (who don’t really exist!)

“It’s folks like you and your special kind of delusional psychosis that turned me against religion in the first place. There is only one thing worse than a fool like you and that is the fool who believes you.”

“I agree with you totally.”

“good twist. too bad for the “i deny that there are any atheists” part. Steevee, are you not aware that you are an atheist yourself? you’re an atheist in respect to allah, to zeus, krishna, buddha, the flying spaghetti monster… you know how it is not to believe in thousands of other gods of this planet. 4 billion people are atheists in respect to your god, because they have been brought up in a non-christian family, yet you “deny them”? well, it’s time to wake up, man! open your eyes.”

“I’ll give it two stars, only because he was clever in formulating the video.”

“Dude, get with the times; no one has made this silly-a_ _ argument in hundreds of years. There are Atheists–get over it.”

“I am an Atheist in every since of the word, a have no belief in any said deity, how am I not? Your “truth” is based on faith and faith isn’t fact. “Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has.”
Martin Luther, “Table Talk,” 1569 I don’t claim to have the answers because anyone claiming to know with 100% certainty, what the answer is should be locked up.”

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