What is Your E-vangie Tale? #3


Write about your evangelistic adventure right here! Did any of get thrown into prison for sharing about Christ? Did they give you the finger–or a whole fist? Maybe they even thanked you?


  1. This was written by Scott:

    Not much time, but wanted to share quickly my experience of trying to use the whole method for the first time. Was at the gas station and a man walks up wanting me to sign a petition. I was not able to, as I was not a resident of the city he needed. However, I gave him the Million Dollar Bill (MDB) and proceeded to ask him the Million Dollar question. He said Heaven b/c he thinks he’s a good person. Good, all is going to script. Then, I asked, if he ever told a lie- yes. Then if he had stolen- yes. We’re getting somewhere I thought. Then if he had commited adultery by looking upon a woman lustfully. He said no. So without hesitation, I said, a man? He said yes. Thanks Steve for having gone through that for us so I could quickly transition. Then the blasphemy. He said no. I probbed, but still no. So just left that one alone. Then I asked if he thought he would be innocent or guilty and go to heaven or hell. He said hell. I asked if that concerned him. He said yes, but he didn’t seem truly broken and contrite. Then I went blank. Even though he said it concerned him, I felt like I was missing something. I talked to him for a couple of more minutes on what church he said he went to and thanked him and went on my way. As I drove off, I realized I forgot to give him the Good News! Then I remembered Steve- “Go and Make Mistakes” and Ray- “Go experiment on someone”. So I learned I need to continue to practice to get better at my delivery. But praise God, as I was really discouraged about sharing litterally no more than 10 minutes before this encounter and was thinking about giving up.

  2. What an amazingly universal experience it seems to be that those of us who witness, invariably will later feel as though we should have said more, or something a different way. After seeking the opinions of christians far more mature than myself, I have come to this realization; God is in control of my witness encounters and what He needed to be said WAS SAID.

    It has also been said, you cannot fail unless you quit. You cannot prevail if you do quit. Therefore, seek and save the lost, and never ever quit!

  3. So, I asked the girl at the desk to make a couple of copies of the document. She said “OK” and I thanked her with $1 million. As she walked to the copy room, she read the question, looked back at me and said “Oh yes. Of course.” A few minutes later she came back with the copies and handed them to me. As I was leaving, she said “Thanks. I read the rest of it, and it really made me think.” From the look on her face, I think it did.

  4. This is from Phyllis Clark:
    February 23rd, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    Pow Wow at North High
    Last Saturday afternoon my husband and I decided to round up some points by evangelizing with the famous million dollar bill tracts. Fortunately we were able to park in the parking lot of the high school along Yukon Street. We promptly began to hand out the bills to people in the lot. We noticed that there were many more no thank you responses as compared to our Huntington Beach experience the weekend before.One mother in her native dress was simply aghast when I handed her six year old daughter a bill. She promptly took it away from her daughter and handed it back to me saying a very firm, loud no thank you. I told my husband that Indians believe in many spirits as well as the mother earth. Although we handed out tracks to all, we met more success with those who were not dressed in native dress. After walking around the area of booths and vendors, we decided to return to the east side of the high school along Yukon Street. There we stood on the walkway leading to the side entrance of the high school where there was a good flow of people traffic. One lady across from us sitting on a building porch step knitting refused the bill. She asked us if we “only passed out bible tracts at pow wows”. We said, “Oh, no! We pass out bills everywhere: malls, fast foods, restaurants, doctor offices, and piers, just to name a few.” She glared at us the rest of the time we stood on the walkway. I had an oppportunity to witness to a group of three middle school age, sweet girls. They listened intently and responded politely through several of the ten commandments. I was flabbergasted to find myself actually going this far into evangelizing. My husband Frank seemed to hang on to each of my words. You see, he is the one who works and speaks to everyone in the South Bay, a people person and talker at heart. I kept sharing with the three sweet girls remembering what Pastor Steve told us about not to be afraid of making mistakes. They parted with the promise of thinking about all that was shared. We stayed at the Pow Wow an hour and half, and then went to Tustin for a family birthday celebration.

  5. This is from Frank & Phyllis Clark:
    February 23rd, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    An Appointment with Our Accountant
    Gathering our income tax papers was an easier task than witnessing to our accountant. We have known Tom more than fourteen years. With the chore of talking about figures and deductions completed, my husband Frank and I sat back relaxed, that is until I brought out several million dollar bills out of my purse. I like to keep the bills nice and crispy inside my pocket calendar. Tom laughed and thanked us at the sight of the bills placed smack in front of him. In response to the million dollar question he told us that he was going to heaven because he considered himself to be a good person. We did not get very far because Tom seemed shocked and disagreed about the first commandment. He apparently accepted many gods and did not believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Well, you can say that my husband and I were blown out the water at this point. Tom accepted Buddism, Christianity, Catholicism, etc. When we said that he couldn’t be a Christian if he did not believe in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he basically told us that he didn’t care for others pressing their beliefs on him. Here we were threading water away from this lost soul who said he was a Christian and denied the existence of our Savior, and then the next words that came out of his mouth were,”Could I have more million dollar bills?” Oh well, we merely sow the seeds. Later during the evening I shared with my husband how frustrated, angry, and troubled I felt. Someone we personally knew was lost and nothing we said could change that. Finally after prayer I came to the acceptance of the knowledge that we simply obey God’s Will and contiinue to pray for Tom.

  6. Friday we went to the Del Amo Mall for the hour of power. We split-up into teams and away we went. Unfortunately, our team was stopped after only 13 minutes!! A security guard (who attends Calvary Baptist Church) said he was only doing his job and that we needed to stop passing out tracts. We kindly thanked him and told him we would stop and so we did. I have got to get better at spotting them before they spot me.

  7. Well, I took this week’s class to heart and witnessed to a Chinese friend/co-worker as we drove back from a baby shower together. The bad news/good news was all going according to script UNTIL I asked if going to hell concerned her. She said “No”. Steve, we didn’t practice that in class. I was stunned. When I regrouped I asked her why it didn’t concern her and she said because she doesn’t believe in hell and she thinks when you die you just go to sleep and float around somewhere and that when you’re in your next life, heaven, hell, or wherever, you won’t remember this life anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I tried to reassure her that hell and heaven are real and it doesn’t matter whether you remember this life or not, and that you’ll have to live w/what’s happening at the moment then. I asked her if she had a Bible at home and she said no, why would she, and I recalled to her that her son had gone to a Christian school and she said it was only preschool and they didn’t get a Bible. I asked her if I gave her a Bible would she read parts of it and she said she didn’t have time at home, but if I would highlight parts and bring it to her at work, she would. So, now I need to figure out what to do next. Oh my.

  8. Remember, if they don’t care, thank them for listening and move on. Or you can describe for them what the Bible says about Hell and finish with, “If you don’t repent, you too will perish.”

  9. On Friday February 24th we went to Del Amo but like Richard said, we were stopped after 13 minutes. We went to the food court and got some food. There was a mother sitting with her son at a table and I took out the “Optical Illusion” tracts and asked the son which one was bigger. He said the blue one, I switched them and he said the pink one. I showed them that they were the same and that things weren’t always the way they seemed. I asked the mom the $1M question was able to share the bad news and the good news with her. After our talk I asked the son which one was bigger again. He said the blue one. I said “You already know the answer.” He smiled and said they were both the same. I handed them to him and as I left he was asking his sister “Which one is bigger.” 🙂

  10. Last Saturday night at my fathers 55 year pin ceremony, I noticed the bartender was not very busy at all. I went up to bar and put a dollar in his tip jar and a million dollar bill in his hand. Asked him the million dollar question and away we went……(only one interruption-1 guy =1beer)…. back at it. He was dodging the bullets I was shooting at him, the 10 commandments. He was a bit squirmy behind that bar until I metioned the name Jesus. He said ya, we believe in him. By him saying that it opened the door to remind him of what Jesus did for us, if we repent from our sin and trust in him, all sins will be forgiven. At this point he was more calm, however even attempted to explain a different way he was going to get into heaven. I tod him Jeses said, “No one comes to the Father except through me”. He was quiet, he extended his hand to shake mine, said……thank-you.

    By Jim and Cathy Hauser

    The Mission: Mark and Kerry want million dollar bills up in Sacramento. Jim and Cathy would take them there.

    They thought – “Why not? Maybe we could even get one to the Governor!”

    All they needed to do was get past Homeland Security at LAX – The FBI – The CIA – The Secret Service and then, The Governor’s Office. No problem, right?

    Their fearless leader, “Pastor Evangie” handed them a shopping bag full of millions to take and said “Via con Dios! Amigos” (which translated means “Go with God! Cool Ones”)

    The night before the flight, it was a brisk wintry evening in L.A. as they counted out the Gospel cash. Finally stacked and counted the total was over $3,000,000,000.00! (“Pheeeeew!”)

    The million dollar bills had to make it to Sacramento.

    Hearts beating wildly, they entered the LAX terminal. It was show time. After answering several TSA questions, they forewarned the TSA officers screening the carry-ons that they would be seeing a few cylindrical metallic objects, and not to be alarmed. They were only LBJ ‘Special C’ bean and cheese burritos. The distraction worked, they were through security and boarding the plane.

    Landing safely in Sacramento, the next step was to get the gospel millions to the “safe house” where they would be sorted and distributed throughout the State Capitol by their affiliate the notoriously adventurous “Pastor Marky-D”. (“Can I get an Amen?”)

    After a successful delivery of the gospel bucks, they contemplate the other part of their mission: The “Govenator” needs a million dollar bill!

    Stopping off at the local “Islands” for some much needed nourishment they catch a little of the NBA All-star game. While watching the game they see live on the screen… Wait, is that..? It can’t be. It is! It’s Arnie!

    He’s not in Sacramento! He’s at the All-star game in Los Vegas, Nevada!

    Oh well. After all they did get the main mission accomplished “Billions to the State Capitol”.

    And as for Govenor Schwarzenegger….When he get’s back, Marky’s gonna get him one!

  12. Open air at the Torrance DMV. I got up early Wednesday morning and prayed (4: 20 AM) and asked God to help me, to strength me, and to give me wisdom to say what is right. I had committed to doing the open air 8 days ago and so I did not know exactly how to begin, wheather or not to use a box for elevation or what type of a lead-in to use for the presentation of the million dollar question, or if I needed to get permission or if the security guard would stop me… However, as I was getting ready to leave for the DMV, it came to me. I needed to keep it all real simple. So to that end, I decided to familiarize myself with the language on the back of the MDB and all I would do was pass-out MDB’s to folks standing in line and then read the back of the MDB. So, when I got to the DMV office I could see folks already in line. There were about 25 or more folks. I parked and started to get real nervous as my plan was to wait until just before openning and then pass out the bills and then do the open air. So, instead I jumped out of the car and walked around the parking lot praying again for strength and courage. I then passed out the bills and then gave the open air. I started by giving my name and then I said that I was there to ask the million dollar question. If you die to day would you go to heaven or hell. I didn’t read from the bill and I didn’t use elevation. I just spoke to folks trying to be as earnest as possible. Well, I went through the script and added a few other words such as If you committed just one sin…and you have to trust Jesus as you would a parachute and then I closed by saying please read your bible and obey it and I thanked them for lessoning and for there time. When I got back to my car I was so excited I was shaking. I was so excited I was praising God and giving him all the praise. I can’t wait to do it again.

  13. While at Ports O’ Call last Saturday, I approached a group of teenage boys who were standing around outside an SUV, while a woman was loading /unloading something. I gave them each a MDB and told them “it has the answer to the Million Dollar question on it. I offered to give $20 if any of them could pass the Good Person test. One of them said he could pass it, so I asked if he had ever lied. He said “no” even when I said, “not EVER, not even a little fib?” He also said he had never stolen anything or used God’s name as a curse word.” (It was apparent he was treating the whole thing as a joke and just wanted to get the money.) But, when I got to “looked with lust”, he semed more interested in trying to impress his friends, and I got a “yes” on that question.

    At about that point the woman who had been unloading the car joined us and listened for about a minute. At the mention of Judgement DAY and hell, she gathered all the MDB’s from each of them and handed them back to me. They walked off toward the entrance and I thanked them for listening and said “God bless you”- to which she shouted back “God bless AMERICA!!!!” Oh, well, some people are just not ready. But, at least the seeds were sown. And, maybe some of the others were reading the mDB while I was asking the questions.

  14. I asked two Christian friends how they evangelized recently. They both were “relational” types, meaning they took the time to establish relationships with people and learned how to pray for them, how to minister to them, how to meet their spiritual needs and so on. Ironically, one of the two has actually brought a lot of people to make decisions for the kingdom. More than I would have thought. But she did not first take them through the law to the cross. Have these people repented? Are they saved? I don’t know. But I’m beginning to understand why this is crucial.

  15. On Thursday, March 1, instead of meeting for class, Steve threw a little curve and announced that we were going to the South Bay Galleria and hand out $1M bills. This was a first time experience for me. On the way to the Galleria I was strategizing in my mind the best way to pass out the required 10 bills out of my stack of 25. When I parked in the parking lot, there seemed to be possible candidates everywhere, but everyone was moving at a pretty fast pace. I left the parking lot and entered the Galleria to regroup. Upon entering, I saw my first prospect, a mother with a young daughter. I stopped and asked, Did you get one of these? and the little girl smiled, said no, and walked off. I was devastated! I thought time to regroup again! So making my way through the mall, I see people sitting, talking on their cell phones, shopping, walking briskly, and I’m thinking there must be a place where I can get people’s attention without interrupting. And then it struck me – I know the perfect location…. I immediately headed for the main elevator. The elevator was full, but when they saw me approaching, they stopped the door and motioned me in. It was a loud, crowded elevator. I thought, perfect, my first chance with a captive audience! So I said, thanks for letting me in – that’s worth a million dollars! I gave my first million out and then after that, everyone in the elevator was asking for their own million dollar bill! By the time the door opened, I had passed out my first 6 bills! Now I became the elevator operator. I would wave people into the elevator, ask them what level. They asked me if I was the elevator man and I said yes, for the next 30 minutes! As they thanked me for my help, I would say this ride is going to cost you a million dollars! Do you have a million dollars? Oh, no. And then I’d hand them one and say, well, now you do! They all smiled and gladly took the bill. No returns!

    One lady I met on the elevator said, I don’t have a million! I’m a schoolteacher! When I gave her the bill, I told her how kids really like them and she asked me for more which I gladly gave to her.

    Another gentlemen replied no to my offer of a bill. He mentioned that other people had tried to give him one. I explained to him it was a gospel tract and had an interesting question on the back. He took one, thanked me and was reading it as he went out the door.

    To prevent getting busted by the security guard stationed at the third floor, everytime I would open the door and see him, if there were no riders waiting to get on, I would smile, nod and close the door and select a different floor. Once another member of our team got on my elevator! I had to tell them this was my turf! Go find your own elevator!

    I went up and down the elevator, met some of the same people more than once, and finished my night with just two bills left. It was a great time.

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