3rd Street Promen Odd


Santa Monica is a strange place. It’s next to Venice and everyone knows that Venice is weird, but Santa Monica is a strange place. It’s full of liberals and every belief system under the sun. The ironies are delicious. You have the super-rich protesting about everything, while the homeless are evident everywhere. (Liberal satirist Harry Shearer has a radio program on KCRW called Le Show based at Santa Monica college, and his sign-off line is: “Le Show originates from Santa Monica: Home of the… Homeless!”)

Anything goes in terms of gods at the 3rd Street Promenade where in one two-hour evangelism session, I spoke to a Muslim…
…who gave me the cold shoulder, null

… some Catholic teens who wished to remain anonymous, hiding behind their religion and the Million-dollar bill Gospel tracts…

…a Jehovah’s Witness…

…a Hari Krishna woman,

…and an atheist!
null You’ll get their stories later!

Oh! What a country, what a country! What a privelege to have the opportunity to share freely about the One and Only true God, Jesus Christ.

Even if no one cares.

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