Yami Rodriguez graduated at the top of our evangelism class a few months ago.
Here is how she is being rewarded for her new-found skills:

“Last week I was on a short-term assignment from a temp agency that was supposed to last for one month. The day that I passed out Gospel tracts in the lunch room I was let go. I contacted the agency and they relayed that I was let go because I passed out the tracts. They said that if I want to continue to do business in the future with their temp agency, I cannot pass out tracts in the building where I have an assignment.”

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  1. Steve —

    As wrong as this may sound, companies have the right to let you go for sharing. Although it depends how you are sharing. If someone asks you a question that can be answered by sharing Christ that is okay as long you stop if they say they are not interested. Handing out tracks can be seen as a form of harassment which is forbidden in most companies.

    There are several legitimate ways to share Christ. The 10 years I worked at TRW I shared Christ with a lot of people. I did it by providing ways to get them to ask me a question. I always had a Bible in my bookcase and would read it when I had ‘down’ time. People who saw this would often ask did I really believe in the Bible. I had a picture of Jesus standing next to the UN building and people would ask about it. The secret to avoid harassment issues was to shut up or change the subject if they said they did not want to talk about it. I also had an opening because I had a Masters in Biblical Studies and because of the projects my resume would be included in the documentation for the project. People would see that and come and find me to ask about it.

    I now work very part time for the City of Redondo Beach and we have to take a harassment training class once a year. Sharing religious beliefs is mentioned as a possible case for harassment. The training provides ways to avoid the problem.

    Sometimes we just need to trust God to provide a method or way.

    Mike …

  2. Remember Mike, this was during her lunch hour…

  3. While on the job and being paid, our first responsibility as Christians is toward our employer. Second, if the company has an official policy against certain practices, then all must abide. One may not be getting officially paid while on lunch hour but if the lunch hour is spent on company premises then the second point still holds.

    That all being said, however, I would venture to think that if Yami were passing out free movie coupons or great cookie recipes or invites to a tupperware party or something like that, then there would be no issue.

    In that case, it is not a matter of HOW something was being shared but WHAT was being shared. Sad reality is, in the real world, gospel truths are deemed offensive.

    God said this would happen.

  4. Serves you right. Don’t force your religion on to others. Let them believe what they want to. Don’t have a closed mind like this.

  5. Umm, maybe it’s because people don’t want to hear your delusions being spit at them. Keep your skydaddy to yourself.

  6. Well, since most companies have a policy against proselytizing, I’d say you got what you deserved. Who cares if it was your lunch hour. You were still on company property.

    The good news is, Wal-Mart is always hiring.

  7. lol.merked innit?

  8. Keep in mind that regardless of whether it is your lunch hour or not, you are representing your employer. How would you feel as an employer knowing (for instance) that one of your employees, representing you, was passing out muslim tracts on their lunch hour. I am guessing, whether you want to admit it or not, you wouldn’t want anyone doing that, because that action is attached to you, the employer.

  9. I wonder how the regulars here would respond if a coworker tried to pass out fliers for the local gay pride parade, or a tract on the wonders of Islam. They’d be at HR in minutes, screaming about it.

    This young woman made her temp agency look bad. I’d be amazed if she ever gets another posting from them.

  10. Forunately, she has found an even better job as an admin at a local high school. I hope she gives the gospel even more clearly!

  11. And isn’t that just like our Great God? Turning curses into blessings… most of the time, anyway.

  12. Happy to year about Yami – I’m truly touched by her zeal – I have passed out many tracts at work, but am very careful about it – only when they inquire about the MDB’s in my pocket – I’m so careful, I even gave one to an unsaved co-worker, and had HIM give one to another guy standing nearby !

    That being said, we had a meeting at a hotel down the street, and many walked the 1/4 mile on the streets. Sadly, I chickened out in passing out tracts to co-workers walking back. But she has inspired me – don’t think I’ll chicken out next time !

    Glad to hear she got a better job – reminds me of when they shut Ray and EZ down at Bellflower courthouse, and they got twice as many to preach to at Hawthorne DMV !

  13. No matter what you people say, tracts are a joke, most people just laugh and throw them in the trash. Glad to hear she got another job, and hopefully she learned her lesson. I don’t understand why you christians feel the need to push your beliefs on everyone anyway, we all know where our local churches are located, and could easily join one if we wanted to. You all complain about being “persecuted” and it’s because you keep pulling stuff like this. Evangelizing tactics have only reinforced my decision to have no part of any church, why would I want to be associated with people who bully and harass others all the time?

    Just live your life and let everyone else live theirs.

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