Giant Money: Surprise Ending!


We had great success over the weekend handing out Giant Money Gospel tracts at the Third St. Promenade and at The Academy Awards (stories forthcoming). In this video, Ray Comfort demonstrates the ease in which these simple tracts can be handed out, with the possibility of each person reading the info, believing it, then being saved! Watch for the surprise ending… I found out I was on the video, too!


  1. I love it! That gives me such a good idea for a video at our church. I hope you don’t mind if I completely rip your idea off. Ha-ha….God bless!!


  2. I thought forsure there would be a counter somewhere counting the bell dings and how many people were given a tract. None the less, it looks like he was *easily* able to get through his whole stack of $100s.

    Last week I gave a million dollar bill to a lady at the Taco Bell drive though as I was leaving. She looked puzzled as I was giving it her, probably because I had already paid for my food… I dunno.

  3. I’ve been giving those new “Mind Game” tracts out at the drive thru’s, those are great too in addition to the money tracts!

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