You might be a fundamentalist atheist if… #3


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11. You insist that “the burden of proof is on he that alleges/accuses”, and “it’s impossible to prove a negative”, then state “That’s what Christians do. They lie. Their most common lie is that they were once atheists.” When reminded about the burden of proof bit, you reply with, “Well, prove Christians don’t lie!”

12. When you were a child, someone came down with a deadly disease and prayed and prayed for God to take it away. God did not remove the disease and your friend died. You ask other Christians why he had to die when they were such a nice person and never harmed anyone. Dissatisfied with their answers, you suddenly decide that there is no God and that all Christians are nothing but lying, conniving con artists, and hypocrites….all that is, except for your friend who died.

13. You call a view held by less than ten percent of the American public “common sense”.

14. You’re a spoiled fifteen year old boy who lives in the suburbs and you go into a chat room to declare that, “I know there is no God because no loving God would allow anyone to suffer as much as me… hold on… my cell phone’s ringing.”

15. You believe that if something cannot be touched, seen, heard, or measured in some way, then it must not exist, yet you fail to see the irony of your calling Christians “narrow-minded”. You say that there is no God and that those who believe in God do so in blind faith, yet your claim that there is no God also rests on blind faith.

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  1. It’s quite funny how you equate spoiled, bratty, teenaged emos with atheists. Because, of course, no one’s ever heard of an emo Christian.

    And no, I don’t think all Christians “are nothing but lying, conniving con artists, and hypocrites”, but I do believe that most of them have been lead to believe one thing so long that they’re, in effect, brainwashed.

    The problem isn’t that God can’t be measured, it’s that whenever one tries to measure his affect on human life, the results appear inconclusive or false.

  2. Yeah, this is a load of garbage. Logical fallacies, ad hominems, and misrepresentations abound. I mean, this is all emotional appeals and attacks. SO Christ-like. You just prove yourselves to be the disingenuous “liars 4 Jesus” that you so obviously are.

    If only Hell existed, that such arrogant bigotry and self-righteousness as yours could be “cleansed” in its flames!

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