Who’s that guy at the MLK Parade?


I received an interesting email with a video attachment from a friend the other day. This is what he wrote:


“Look at this video [of the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade by ABC News]. From 1:06 to 1:16 there is a man who runs up to the car that is following the band; he hands the occupants of the car some literature, and he is followed by a cameraman. Who is that man that is passing out the literature?”

Just who is that guy handing a Giant Hundred Dollar Bill Gospel tract and Presidential trillion dollar bill to Celebrity Grand Marshall Marc Brown from our local ABC Eyewitness News program? Here’s a closer look from a different vantage point:

I tell ya, a guy can’t get away with anything in this YouTube culture….

***Want to know my rationale for running out into parades and handing celebrities Gospel tracts? Click here to find out.***

Tomorrow: Raining on our Parade


  1. well done steve…carry on soldier!

  2. Yes, I saw that man handing tracts to Marc Brown of KABC news anchorman. It was Stone the Preacher AKA Steve Sanchez. But, did you know that Scott handed out a Hundred dollar tract to Mayor of Los Angeles!!

    Way to go team. You know we went to and I’m thinking it’s going to be me, Peter Johnson and Steve. Stve will cancel the event on account it’s raining cats and dogs, then I’ll have a free breadkfast.

    But, NO, we get to church and there’s eight peopel getting ready to go. So, I’m slowly getting my mind around the fact that there might not be any free breakfast. As we exit my car to join the folks with Steve the group swells to over 15 people.

    As Steve is praying for God to give us a window during which time we can meet foolks and pass out tracts, I’m thinking OK, lets see what happens. As we get through praying, some says be honest if you don’t want to go say so…I’m close to opening my month. But I don’t.

    we were able to pass out over 500 tracts before the rain really started to come down.

    Praise the Lord

  3. Good work. I like Mark Brown. After living in TX for three years now I think that he is still my favorite anchor man. Glad you got the good news in his hands!

  4. We passed out alot more than 500 Rich. I know because I passed out over 400 myself, and there were 14 others!

  5. Totally awsome….
    That is awsome.

  6. Richard:

    You should have brought a couple of fish and a five loaves of bread. 🙂

  7. You guys are aMAZING !!!! That was SO great ! I can’t believe you got away with that !!!

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