What Happened at Venice Beach?


I got a rude awakening last Saturday while preaching to the drunken crowd at a beer garden on the boardwalk and you’ll see it as soon as it’s edited. I also got a very strange interview with a very strange man, The Metal Ball Guy, a fixture at Venice Beach. He balances a metal ball while dressed in a G-string. Don’t worry; we shot him above the waist. Stay tuned.


  1. “Don’t worry; we shot him above the waist.”

    You’re shooting people now if they don’t repent ???? 🙂

  2. Paul,

    Only if they are from Canada….

  3. I am looking forward to this video. We dont get these types of people down in the South. I have to deal with everyone calls themselves a Christian crowd….then some of the arrogant ones proclaiming “Im Baptist”, like there better than any other person calling themselves a Christian.
    However, I do get a few people angry over hear when I speak out from the word about belonging to the Masons is not Christian.

  4. LOL………..Paul, that was classic!

  5. Paul
    Here is sunny-So-Cal- by-the-beach we shoot people to show what happens if you DON”T repent. I think it may be either the sun or the surf that cause people to be a “little slow” to understand when we talk about 150,000 people dying every day. Se we shoot one or two to show that the statistic is real. LOL back to ya’.

  6. Tom:

    Demonstrating man’s immortality in that fashion doesn’t really bother me, but the Lord has called me to full time street ministry, not full time prison ministry. 🙂

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