Bring the Kids!


Do you want to ensure that your little ones remain in the faith and continue to share theirs as well? Then bring them along with you when you go on your evangelism adventures—and give them an incentive to do so.

My girls, D.D. and Laurel, have been going out with me for at least three years and they are bold and unafraid, earning the nicknames, Little Badger and Little Beaver respectively.

At the recent Michael Jackson Memorial at the Staples Center, D.D. badgered me to get her some Michael memorabilia. “If you hand out 800 Gospel tracts,” I challenged. Guess what happened?

My daughter went to the funeral for the “King of Pop” and all Dad got her was a lousy T-shirt.

And a memory that will last forever.

***Watch my two interviews with “Michael Jackson” here and here.***


  1. other than going out with the burden to sow seeds to the lost…i do this so that my kids will SEE me actively trying to reach those souls. and that one day, they will receive the paton of evangelism and run the course and race that God has before them.

    ohhhhhh., the heartcry of a believing parent that they be saved &
    training them in the way they should go,

    good post bro… : D

  2. WOW!!! Praise God for your willingness to share the Gospel!! I was praying for your team. Thanks for sharing this and way to go, D.D.!!

  3. I love that shirt!Iwant to break my 3 day record of wearing it!

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