The Everyday Club Report for June: Scary People!


Okay Seed Sowers, here’s your chance to report on how well you did in fulfilling your daily evangelistic goals. Did you have an opportunity to hand out a tract to any scary looking people like this guy? Did you meet any unreasonable atheists?

Hey, even scary guys need to read a Gospel tract—or actually hear the Good News from your lips—so they might be saved! I’m glad that you have made a commitment to be faithful. (Welcome to the twelve new Everyday Clubbers who signed up in June!)

The Everyday Club is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (Minimum commitment: Hand out one tract a day.) I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) Wanna join? You can sign up by clicking here.

Please read about John Wesley’s temptation to not share his faith—and what he discovered by clicking here.


  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed one day.

    2340+ tracts handed out.

    54 personal conversations, mostly in large groups.

    35 open air sessions

    3 inner air session (speaking in church).

  2. 3 scary people for sure.
    2 open air sessions
    missed about 4 days
    ~1500 tracts handed out

    1-2-1 conversations about 34

  3. Missed 1 day in June.

    Total: 557+
    I also held 4 prayer stations

  4. Oh no, the unreasonable atheists!! Why won’t they accept un-evidenced assertions of the supernatural??

    They must be mad.

  5. Praise God! 34 in total of us in one evening sharing the gospel – approx 8,000 people hearing the gospel and/or getting a tract!

    Personally, open-air sessions 3

    Tracts handed out: ~ 1,700

    One2one conversations: ~ 15
    A few days were spent w/o any transportation = car prob.

  6. Hey, I’ve seen that first tract before!

  7. I missed approx. 8 days.

    Handed out at least 600 tracts

    Open air preached approx. 7 times

    Approx. 3 one-to-ones and multiple attempts at starting one

  8. Missed one day i think. Hey, every person i talked to was scary, that is, before the conversation began. Once it started, they weren’t scary at all!

  9. Indoor Preached: twice
    Outdoor: twice
    tracts: around 350 give or take a few

  10. My goal is to hand out tracts everyday and engage in 1 on 1 conversations whenever possible. Outreach at Newport Beach Pier once per week, Harbor Court house once per week. Weekend events local to Dana Point. Lakers parade was awesome. I personally handed out at least 1000 tracts and engaged in 6 one-one conversations (with some very scary people). Preached open air with amplification for the first time! Thanks Steve!

    I think I missed 1 or 2 days and felt it. More! Go, therefore, go!

  11. 3 days after leaving the Academy my wife and I left for two weeks of vacation from Wyoming to Mackina Island Michigan and then back to Riverton. During our travels I, and my wife, were able to hand out 26 tracts. But not to anyone that scaaary. Have a great 4th.

  12. 814 Tracts handed out.

    6 open air.

    I’m not sure how many 121’s. I’m not very good at keeping track of those.

  13. OK I confess I missed several days.. Hey I am new to this the Academy#16 in June was my first expereince! It opened my eyes to show me how many opportunities I have to share Him! I stand amazed ,in His Presence!
    I witnessed and shared my Faith more this month than I would ever before…. I did hand out tracts to some scary people, who asked for more tracts! Praise God!
    Thanks Steve ,for your example for all of us!
    I will improve this month!
    As I will be going to Alaska! PTL!

  14. I handed out tracts on 26 of 30 days of June, not quite the goal of 1 a day. However, at one fair on one day I did meet 2 people who hated what I was doing, one who said it was all the wrong way, and one who thought we were doing a great work and wanted to get involved. I told this last person about Steve’s class was the first way to start and what was the next starting date.

  15. I missed 6 days of passing out tracts (I went to Haiti on a mission trip, but had a great time passing out tracts in the airport).
    Passed out about 100 tracts.
    3 one-to-ones.
    No open air this month.

    Honestly, I allowed fear to hinder my efforts in June, but July will be different. “I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me.” No scary people. I’m determined to do some open air this month.

  16. It was a good month, didn’t miss a single day, had probably 150 1 2 1 conversations and passed out about 300-400 tracts! Another great month to come!

  17. I have kept up my committment of getting tracts out (laying them out) everyday. I see that it says on the Everyday Club that there is a minimum of handing out at least one tract a day to be apart of the club (I didn’t see this before). I unfortunately do not get to do that. Does that mean I can no longer be apart of the Everyday Club? I hope not. The reason that is difficult is because of the size of town I live in. It is very small. Though I would like to report that I have now begun to go out witnessing weekly again (in a bigger town that is about 25 mintues away from the town I live in). I stepped away from the ministry for about 6 months, but now I have returned. Getting my feet wet again and progressing! Thank you Jesus!!!


  18. I handed out about 3-5 tracts a day. So that leaves me between 90-150 a day.

    As for 1-2-1, I would say I’ve had about 9.

    No open air attempts, I’m stilll trying to find a location as well as having the Lord deal with my fear.

  19. My goal is one tract a day, and my desire is to exceed my goal.

    I gave out 204 tracts, plus 15 that I gave to my church for VBS. Our church is quite small, so those 15 were one for each child who attended.

    175 of those tracts were given out before a local parade. I was very excited to see all the tracts that I had brought with me disappear, though I was disappointed that I hadn’t brought more. I gave them all away in half an hour. Next time I’ll be better prepared!

    I missed 5 days.

  20. The Lord was good to give me opportunity to

    open air 3 times
    have 17 gospel conversations
    hand out over 300 gospel tracts

    Glory to God, alone.

  21. I was in Boston 6 days, and in NY about 10 days. I open air preached in both, passed out lots of tracts, had many one on ones, gave away some Bibles. Also, gave messages to children and talked with children about Jesus. It was a great month over all. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  22. Praise God that I’ve finally got a team of brothers and sisters in Christ to share the law and the gospel with.

    My goal is to hand out 10 tracts / day
    1-2-1 once / week

    Evangelism is who I am now. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not sharing the gospel with someone. Praise God!!!!!!!!

    Handed out thousands of tracts. Had someone time me as I handed out 100 tracts and it took 4 minutes 🙂
    OA preached 4 times
    Shared the law and the gospel (1-2-1) 20 times.

  23. My goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or witness to one person. I missed nine days this month. We passed out 2,100 tracts, had 9 1-2-1’s, did 22 open airs and there where over 2,100 hearers of the word.

  24. A little behind this month but I passed out 200 tracts. I also preached at the local prison 1 time. Please be in prayer for my daughter Tabitha, she has a seizure condition that is getting worse. We are taking her to see a Doctor at Duke University this month.

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