Evangelism Class Graduates


This is a first: By the end of my 6 week evangelism training class, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear,” I usually have a 50% drop out rate. Not this time! My class actually doubled in size from the original! We started out with three and ended up with six!

Our top-of-the-class winner is Jeff Pringle, a man who has just returned to the faith after a three year period of wandering. And I just got a phone call today from “Righteous Richard” Chavarria, our Department of Motor Vehicles preacher; he told me that Jeff is learning the ropes, readying himself to preach at another local DMV.

Our next class will be starting on July 7 at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach.


  1. Uh, you need to update your blog, because as Righteous Richard has informed me, and he has never (so far) lied to me (not that I know of anyway), Brother Pringle has broken the sound barrier at the DMV – July 7th, to be exact – 7-7 – was so excited, that even though he was only supposed to preach the Law followed by Rachael bringing the Gospel, he did it ALL !

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