The Everyday Club Report for February: Chafing Charlie Chaplin


I was almost caned by Charlie Chaplin on Hollywood Blvd. last Saturday…but I stood my ground!

If you share your faith every day sooner or later you are going to run into someone who does not appreciate your message. In the video below, a character on Hollywood Blvd. dressed as that old time silent movie icon was so irritated at my message that he threatened me two times with a cane beating on my head. Notice in the very first frame that Charlie pulled away suddenly when I pulled out my “Heckler Repellent,” that is, my Flip Video camera. (This is only to be used in the event of a potential violent act perpetrated on your person; otherwise you want a heckler to engage you. Also notice the Asian man standing in front of me. Tony Yu was an alert “bodyguard” during these tense moments.)

Normally, I don’t single people people out in my open air messages, but since he was anonymous  character I chose to use Charlie’s disgusted reactions as a springboard for my preaching. The point of this was to draw other people in to hear the message.

In this second video, a “Christian” gets drawn into the action. He starts to accost me by shouting that I’m an embarrassment until I train my video camera on him.

It sometimes gets a little rough on the Boulevard. One tourist didn’t pay a Catwoman character for a picture taken, Catwoman cussed her out, then the tourist punched her—all this happened while I was preaching!

Nevertheless, in the background there are always those people silently listening, quietly paying attention, mulling over the words that we speak, gently considering the message as we offer them a fighting chance for Heaven.

How did you do on your Everyday commitment last month? Post your totals in the comments section below—and keep on preaching! Want to join the Club? Then click here.


  1. My goal is to hand out at least ten tracts a day or have one personal conversation and open air preach when I can: I missed 2 or 3 days.

  2. Steve, I would argue you are not only being very rude to Charlie, but also to the people around you who didn’t come to hear someone preaching their religion. It isn’t like they haven’t heard it before.

  3. The very defintion of Jerky Evangalism, great job!

  4. Well, its been a rough month. I now have no car since my went kaput. So till I get money saved up for a new vehicle, I am riding mass transit. Yet……I leave gospel tracts on each bus I ride. I guess an encouragement to those living in tiny towns or are limited mobility. You can still leave tracts in public places or put them in the prepaid envelopes the credit card companies send.

  5. My goal is to share my faith everyday. Wether its one 2 one or passing out tracts. I missed a few days as I was sick, probably 3-4 days. I am back on track starting strong. I go to bed at night thinking of souls and wake up thinking of souls. I am so thankful for others who are being obedient to share the gospel. Let us not grow weary in doing good. God is faithful and will bring the increase!

  6. My goal of handing out at least 10 tracts a day didn’t go very well – I have been sick THREE times with the flu – it’s the best weather, but I haven’t been able to enjoy it! Dear Lord, help me this month!

  7. I missed at least 6 days mostly due to sickness! Feeling great now so hopefully I’ll have a “perfect” month :<)

  8. Great job, Steve. It can be really rough out there. Glad you are about our Father’s business.

  9. February was a better month for me on the evangelism front. I got to engage a lot of people in one to ones on the chat website Omegle. Handed out some tracts here and there as well. Praying that March will be just as good as February was and better!

  10. Praise God for you Pastor Steve! It is of course sad to see people act this way but it is no surprise because the Bible already teaches us that this is how unbelievers and false converts will act towards the preaching of the truth. Thankfully one day there will be a new heaven and a new earth and sin will be done away with! Until then we need to keep proclaiming however that may be! Blessings!!

  11. You have a lot of courage. God bless.

  12. its a public side walk, 1st ammendment, freedom of speech, also freedom to walk on by, dont see anyone being cornerd, wath the clip again and notice steve uses the word “if” in front of the above mentioned sins.not only is what steve doing biblical, but it is the greatest demonstration of love a person can show. GREAT job steve sanchez keep on preachin brother your an encouragement to us all

  13. Everyday Club goal for 2012

    My everyday club goal is to do something. Jesus said, “Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.” My goal is to do something over the next 100 days. This goal started on Jan. 1st. Now, I have missed a total of 10 days. Praise the Lord.

  14. I met my goal in the 1 to 1 area and missed a few days on my tract goal

  15. Hey guys,
    This month was great, I was able to fulfill my commitment and had many great conversations with people!

  16. 2 in door sessions at the local prison. Gave out 150 tracts

  17. My goal is to hand out tracts every time I go somewhere and to do one2ones on omegle.

    I missed my goal 2 or 3 days. I had the opportunity to do a few one2ones.

  18. My goal is to hand out at least 2 tracts every time we go somewhere.

    I met my goal! 🙂

  19. My goal is to hand out at least 60 tracts per month, and at least 2 one-2-one’s per month. I almost met my goal by a few tracts. I met my goal of one-2-one’s.

  20. Goal for this year is to share my faith everyday. I missed several daily opportunities, but have kept up the volume of tract distribution monthly. In February, I gave out 500 tracts and preached open air 4 times. This last Saturday was the one year anniversary of church sponsored outreaches but I had to man the booth alone for 5 hours! I was beat physically, but elated spiritually. Gospel was shared one-one to about 30 people and handed out 700 tracts in one day! Glory to God Who alone is worthy of praise.

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