The Everyday Club Report: For December


Did you finish well?

This is the last chance to report on how you did with your evangelistic commitment in 2010. Please post your totals for December below.

If you’d like to recommit, there’s no better time than the start of a new year! See the post above to recommit or to sign up.

God bless you in the New Year!!!


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  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed my goal 1 day. Here’s how I did on the other days:

    1,320 tracts handed out.

    22 personal conversations, a lot of them in large groups.

    4 open air sessions

    In the new year I want to to try to have at least one conversation a day.

  2. December was a very difficult month with seemingly trial after trial I had to deal with which sidetracked my regular means of daily evangelism. Not an excuse, just reality. Thankfully, God was gracious to see me through it all. And He was gracious still to bless me with these opportunities:

    2 open air
    50 tracts (appox)
    2 personal conversations

    I look forward to what the Lord has in store on the evangelistic front for us in 2011.

  3. My goal is to have a one-to-one Gospel conversation every day, pass one tract every day, and open air preach every week.

    Here’s how I did:

    50+ Gospel conversations
    350+ tracts passed
    6 open air sessions
    1 inside air session

    My goal is recommit to at least one Gospel conversation every day, pass one tract every day, and open air preach every week. (Off to a good start so far…shared the Gospel with John the Portuguese Catholic at a coffee today!:)

  4. We handed out over 300+ tracts at our Christmas Outreach. We also handed out over 200 ESV NTs as well. 🙂

    Other than the outreach, I didn’t do so well. We cleaned out my van so the dash could be removed (for a repair) and I forgot to put my tracts back on my dash. That totally messed me up. When they are on the dash, I am constantly reminded to hand them out as I go around town shopping or doing errands. I need to put them back up there. 🙂

  5. I had a day of excuses today and December was a blurr. In December I did not meet my Goals for tracts, however, met witness Goals.

    I have a new idea for next years goals. I will add getting someone to sing Jesus Loves Me 1 time a week. I started doing it in November and the results really have surprised me.

    1-1 at least once a day.
    10 tracts a day
    1 Jesus song once a week.
    Soli Deo Gloria

  6. I did not report my total for November, so I will report both months here.

    I have allowed fear to hold me back, so I did not give away many tracts. However, as long as I have breath left in me, I am not going to quit.

    For both November and December, I gave away 17 tracts, for a total of 34.

  7. I had a conversation everyday but two. I still believe this club is a great idea. Thought I’d include the following article from my blog…

    Why Everyday Evangelism?
    Why set an everyday evangelism goal? For me, evangelism is like jumping into cold water. When I am dry and comfortable, it can be the last thing I want to do. I stall and find excuses because I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone. But once I jump in my heart starts pumping and I become alive in a way that makes me ready and willing to swim and splash and jump in again and again. In the same way, evangelism is relatively easy once one gets started. After the first leap into the “cold water” of a spiritual conversation with someone new, the next few contacts become exponentially easier to make. Anyone who has gone out witnessing as a group project for a set amount of time has experienced this. But the problem with this is that our goal as Christians should be to “do the work of an evangelist, in season and out of season”. We want to be tools in the hands of the Holy Spirit, ready at a moments notice to do the work that He wants us to do. We have to be ready to make that leap out of our comfort zone and into the cold waters of evangelism whenever an unexpected situation or opportunity comes up. It needs to naturally be a part of who we are as followers of Jesus. And just as we have to set unnatural goals of prayer and Bible reading to make them become a natural part of our everyday life, we need to set unnatural goals in evangelism as well, goals that will take us out of our comfort zone on a regular basis and help evangelism also become a natural part of our life in Christ.

    I would also add here that to me there is a big difference between a “goal” and a “commitment”. A commitment to me is more like a promise I make to God, and it becomes too easy to try to keep this commitment without God’s help which leads to either unneeded feelings of failure and guilt or pride and legalism. A goal to me is something I decide I want to do with God’s help, and it draws me nearer to the Lord as I constantly ask for help in reaching my goal. It takes the guilt out of failure and the pride out of success, and replaces them with joy in the Lord.

  8. Unfortunately, my “drought” carried into December. Missed my goal 11 times 🙁

    Shared the Gospel about 60 times. I guess to keep in perspective, I praise God because in the 15-some years as a Christian before God brought Way of the Master into my life, I don’t think I shared with 60 people in 15 years combined. I praise God for WOTM and the Everyday Club – they are precious resources in my life.

    May God bless you, Steve for pushing us onward!

    May 2011 be a God-glorifying year!

  9. I posted my totals on the other everyday blog, sorry. I did well in the month of December only missing maybe two days. It was a good month overall, I always want to be bolder in my proclamation of the gospel and I pray that in 2011 that will become much more of a reality. God bless!

  10. Jeff great article! Thank you for sharing it!

  11. I missed 9 days of my goal of 1 tract per day in December. I did get out with the team the Whittier Christmas parade and handed out several hundred that day but in terms of the goal it counts as 1 day. I will continue on this goal into 2011.

  12. During the month of December, I allowed myself to be distracted by a myriad of issues and failed miserably in making my goal. I had 6 days where I witnessed 1 to 1, 3 days handing out at least 10 tracts, and 1 open air preaching at the Torrance DMV. 10 days out of 31 where I hit my goal……yikes!

    I am resolved to get back on track this month!! Lets go guys…the days are evil and there is no shortage of the unsaved in our daily paths. Thanks Pastor Steve for faithfully encouraging me.

  13. December was a tough month, but I’m not giving up! God has led me to more personal one-one conversations with friends and family. I have them listed on a prayer card in my Bible, and I have prayed for many of them several years. It’s amazing that the more you pray for a specific person, the more apt you are to steer conversations with them towards eternal things. I missed about 10 days because of the rains, and boy was it depressing! Only able to hand out a few tracts to places of business that I frequent. Looking forward to the new year! Keep on keeping on! Kept by the power of God in His hand, Eric.

  14. just trying to find where to sign up for the monthly email reminder

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