The Everyday Club 2011


Here’s your opportunity to fulfill at least one resolution in the New Year by joining The Everyday Club. And when you join, you may also enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club, an organization that will send you 30 free high-quality business card-type tracts a month!

Charles Spurgeon said, “Do something! Do something! Do something!” Please do. Watch the short video then read the details below.

This is an evangelistic Club where you make a goal to share your faith everyday through tracts, personal witnessing or open air preaching. You make your own personal goal and report it here every month.

The minimum goal would be to hand out one tract a day, but you can make whatever goal you want. So far, nearly 100 people have made a daily evangelistic commitment. Read more about the Club and see who joined in 2009 and 2010.

The Club’s purpose is to allow you an opportunity to set an evangelistic goal and monitor your progress and faithfulness to that goal. This is not a legalistic prescription or a vow; it’s simply a personal goal. Sometimes you will fall short, other times you’ll hit it. (Please read some safeguards against pride written by my friend, Tony Miano, here.)

My own personal goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or have at least one personal witnessing encounter, and to open air preach when the opportunity arises. Because of my commitment to The Everyday Club I don’t want to miss a single day—and believe me, there are some days that I just plain didn’t want to share my faith. (Read about evangelist D. L. Moody’s (1837 – 1899) everyday commitment by clicking here.)

Remember, it’s not a vow, it’s a goal! You may fall short of that goal, but at least you’ll have one. Don’t be afraid. Have faith.

Too many times we wait for an “open door” or “that special person” to come along who God wants us to witness to. The early disciples didn’t wait, they moved! It’s my understanding that Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, which gives us carte blanche to speak anytime, anywhere.

Am I wrong here?

Join the club.

So, now that you have decided to become a member then please sign up to get 30 free high-quality business card-type Gospel tracts a month delivered to your home by joining the Bezeugen Tract Club! (Click here to sign up for your 30 free tracts.)


This is the opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) You can sign up here if you’d like to join by simply leaving a comment about what your daily goal will be.


  1. Good Morning and Happy New Year Pastor Steve, when you first started the club two years, I thought to join but was afraid to break my vow. I regularly go to the bus transfer depots or to farmer markets, when its warm, when they have them, just not everyday. It’s not that I don’t think to go, I do that later I say to myself and it doesn’t happen that day,
    But as a goal and for the sake of accountability that I find myself needing, terribly, my goal is to hand out at least one tract, always more if possible,
    for G-d’s glory alone.

  2. Thanks for the continuing encouragement to be out sharing the Law & Gospel.

  3. You got it Steve! One tract a day or 7 a week, a conversation once a week, open-air once a month. That is my goal.

  4. Happy New Year! I found out about this club from my friend, Tony Miano. I would like to join! My goal is to hand out at least 5 tracts a day. I am also brand new to open air preaching, so I am also making a goal to open air at least once a month in 2011. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  5. Yes, I still want to be part of the every day club. Thanks Steve! My goal is to hand out 10 tracts / day; 1-2-1 at least once / week: OA preach at least once / week.

  6. During the month of December and during my Christmas vacation travel to SW Missouri via airports in Knoxville, Atlanta, Memphis, and Tulsa:

    Tracts and Gospel of Johns’
    The Knoxville Christmas parade: 125
    Various places in Knoxville: 25
    During the Christmas vacation travel: 50
    Most unique place to leave a Gospel tract during Christmas break: The biggest McDonald’s(Oklahoma Will Rogers Turnpike) This McDonald’s spans above and across the Highway.) Do a Google search about this McDonald’s.

    Open air preached: 2

    To read more please follow the link on my name to my blog.

  7. How can I possibly say no to Steve “The Pusher” Sanchez?:)

    I will commit to continuing on in the commitment I made in 2010:

    > Share the Gospel one-to-one every day
    > Pass one tract every day
    > Open air preach every week

    I thank God for you Steve.


  8. Count me in. Put me on the email list please.

  9. I want to renew my commitment Steve. I have been pretty regular with my witnessing, but its always a good goal to step it up a notch. May God’s blessings be upon you and your ministry this coming year.

  10. Pastor Steve,

    Please sign me up on the list.

    Thanks for your encouragement and love to the brethren.

    ~ Steve

  11. Happy New Year Pastor Steve and to The Everyday Club!

    I may be sort of out of sync with the ‘everyday’ club but my personal goal this 2011 is to be able to do the commission every week, particularly Thursday. I may not be able to post my results but by the Grace of God, I am recommitting myself in this endeavor.

    In December I was able to hand out 80+ tracts and 3 1-2-1.

    from the Philippines,
    gerry 🙂

  12. Pastor Steve,

    Sign me up Brother ! Thanks for the encouragement !

    Dec totals 150 tracts and 5 one to one’s.


  13. I’d like to join the everyday club 2011. My goal is 5 gospel tract a day or 35 a week, and 1 to 1 at least twice a week. Sign me in, please. I thank God for this site.

  14. I’m going to alter my goal slightly…

    It is difficult for me to hand out a tract every single day especially in the winter weather, but I will endeavor to hand out the equivalent, which is 30 per month. It is also my goal to attend as many events this year as I can, so that I can meet more people, give away the gospel in the form of tracts, speak to more people about the law and the gospel, and be the faithful ambassador that God commands.

    I will not quit.

  15. Steve, While I have be able to do many evangelistics outreaches this year, I have lost tract of my goal to the Everyday club. Reading Tony’s blog today has encouraged me to re-up so to speak. My goal this year is the same as Tony’s, to do something every day to share the Gospel.

  16. Ok so December was fairly good, I missed 3 days but shared by faith one2one at least 50 times, passed out about 400 tracts and did 1 open air. My goal for 2011 is to share my faith everyday rain or shine!! So far, the Lord has granted me these opportunites by looking for them and randomly going into Wal-Mart just to witness! Thank you Jesus!! and thank you Pastor Steve for your faithfulness!

  17. Hey Steve,
    Sign me up please. My goal is to have at least one evangelistic encounter per day. Anything from handing out one tract, one to one witnessing, or open air preaching. I am excited to join and I think this great. I have had an accountability team of Christian brothers where shared with each other via text every time we had encounter. It has been blessing and and encouragement. I can’t tell you how many times God used text to convict me and inspire me to get out and witness. So I am very excited about this. Praise God for men and women who are unashamed and want to help each other!

  18. Hey, the month of December was a good month. I think I missed maybe two days. Placed a lot of tracts for people to find, handed out tracts and did one-2-one’s with mormon’s on the online chat. I know that 2011 is going to be a great year in proclaiming the gospel! Thank you Pastor Steve for the everyday club and for you’re website! God bless and may God bless all of us in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ this new year!!!

  19. I wanted to add that my goal for 2011 is to make handing out tracts and 1-2-1’s much more a part of my life. God help me!

  20. My goal is to pass out hand to hand 10 tracts or witness to one person.
    In December, we missed 8 days. We were able to pass out 1,025 tracts and we had 19-1-2-1’s and we did 10 OA, where there wer about 425 hearers. And we did 2 IA @ the Torrance Care Center.

  21. Ok, I am in. I have been pondering it for a couple of days. My goal is to hand out 1 tract or witness one-on-one to at least one person each day. Thanks, Steve, for the challenge!

  22. My goal:

    > (1) 1-on-1
    > (5) tract handouts

    Once a month:
    >open air preaching
    >lead a Church group fishing trip

    Since life is short, and eternity long: Christ is all that matters, why should I shrink back and fear men?

    God bless your saints, and open the sinners eyes!

    PS. I need to learn the ropes of open-air! I know, Chad and Tony’s on the Box! –

  23. Just got my computer back as is why this is so late in posting.

    Handed out over 200 tracts this month, almost handed out tracts every day, but missed a couple days. Did at least 5 OA’s as well.

  24. My goal for 2011….

    5 tracts per day or 1 one-to-one conversation

    Open air as often as possible

  25. My goal is to hand out 1 tract or witness one-on-one to at least one person each day.
    God Bless You Steve!

  26. My goal is to hand out 1 tract or have one to one a day.

    My goal is also to at least have 2 one to ones a week.

  27. We met together as a church to pray every evening of this first week of the new year – Monday evening we prayed into personal evangelism.
    (Our church purchases tracts for distribution- as many as we want. No excuse for not handing them out!)
    Our pastor shared that we used to go through over 1,000 tracts a month, but recently that number had severely dropped off. He asked why? and the person who orders the tracts said simply, “Ryan moved away.”
    Our pastor asked, “Who will take Ryan’s place in giving out tracts in our city?”
    I thank Ryan for his example and wish him well in his new home town. Thank you Steve for giving me the venue to make a public commitment that I set as my goal to share at least one Gospel tract every day in 2011 and beyond.

  28. I hope to hand out three tracts every day during 2011. I appreciate this “club” because it will hold me accountable…and I need that 🙂 Thanks!

  29. My goal is to witness to at least on person online on the days I don’t go out of the house. Also on the days my housewife duties don’t keep me in the house my goal is to pass out at least five tracts. P.S. Thank you for this club. I think all Christians could use a little more accountability. 🙂 May God Bless your ministry.

  30. My goal is to personally hand out a minimum of one gospel tract to another individual everyday. I will witness one to one as oppertunities arise, lay out tracts in various places for people to find on a regular basis, and hopefully open air preach at least once for the first time at some point this year.

  31. Hey there,

    My goal is:
    – To witness one and one to at least 100 people in 2011!
    – To share the Gospel with someone at least everyday in form of: speech, online writing or by tract!

    Follow my wife and me in our ministry by visiting our website by clicking on my name which is a link to our website. 🙂

    Bless you Guys

  32. Hi Steve,
    I would like to join the club. It will be great being held accountable and having a place to report in. My goal is to hand out at least 1 tract per day that I am out and about. Engage 1 person per week in 1 to 1.
    Thanks for setting the pace. I visit your website everyday for encouragement. Kevin

  33. Sign me in. I will hand out one track a day and do 1 one 2 one a week.

  34. I am 12 years old. My goal is to at least give two tracks per day and 1 one 2 one a day. I would also like to open air preach when the time arises ( I live in a small town).
    I would also like to report I did two one 2 one conversations today to two teanage girls. They said they would repent and trust in Jesus soon.
    They were very receptive to the message and said they were very suprised when they realized they were not going to heaven.

  35. I am 7 years old and my goal is to at least hand out one track when my mom takes me out somewhere. Today, I handed out two tracks to two teenage girls and my brother evangelized to both of them.

  36. I pledge to hand out two tracks a day and to do one 2 one every week and open air preach when the time arises.
    Today I talked to two teenage girls and they were very receptive to the message. They were also very surprised to find out they were not going to heaven that they needed to repent first.

  37. Wow! what an awesome idea. very encouraging to see everybody’s goals. my goal is to pass out 3 tracts a day and at least 2 one on ones. Still mustering up the courage to open air preach… God bless you guys in your goals!!

  38. Hi Steve,
    My goal is to witness one2one as opportunities arise, and pass at least one tract a day to another person, and place tracts in locations that are easy to find for the public. Also, to open air preach, as often as I am able to.

  39. Hey Steve,
    Sign me up please. My goal is to have at least one evangelistic encounter per day. Whether it be handing out a tract, one to one witnessing, or open air preaching, I desire to share with the lost at least once a day.

  40. My goal is to share the Gospel with at least one person every day. Some days this might be handing out a single tract while going to the store. Other days it might be preaching the Gospel to a crowd at a sporting event. I engage in the following types of things
    1) personally handing tracts to people I meet
    2) intentional witnessing at the mall, concerts, sporting events, bus station, etc
    3) door to door
    4) open air preaching
    5) public reading of the Bible
    So my goal is to engage in at least one of these activities every day.

  41. Hi Steve, I just got a new computer after my old one crashed and I lost everything. I am slowly replacing everything and putting my favorites in place. I was smart enough this time to get an external hard drive should this happen again. Anyway, thank you for the continued encouragement to share the gospel. I had the opportunity, coming from Wyoming, to go to the Rose Parade as two of my grandkids were playing in the Wyoming All State Marching Band. I had several opportunities to hand out tracts and witness at Disneyland, Knotts and the RV park where we stayed. I missed several days during January but am pressing on and appreciate the encouragement. Thank you again for your faithfulness.

  42. Hi Steve;

    Still working on handing out tracts daily, but did manage to share at least 4-5 times every week, handed tracts to the cashier at grocery store and clerk at Gas station and at fast food restaurants, had a couple great One2One’s as well.

  43. My goal was to hand out 1 track everyday and have a one2one per week.
    I changed my goal to an average of 1 track per day. (I home school my kids and we don’t go out everyday.)
    I almost met my new goal of an average of 1 track per day, but I had
    6 one2one.
    What a great experience! I really enjoy doing one2one’s.
    It’s a little hard for me to approach people, but once I start talking, I forget how nervous I was.
    Steve, my kids and I enjoyed learning the 10 commandments the way you teach them on your websiste.

  44. I passed an average of 2 tracts per day and had 9 one2ones. I met my goal this month.
    I hope to have the opportunity to OAP at the next mission trip with my middle school class. Because I am only 12 years old, some people think that I am not qualified, but I think that is up to the Holy Spirit.

  45. I am happy to report, I passed out tracts everytime my mom and I went out to parks or stores. I passed out a total of 15 tracts.:)

  46. My goal is to hand out at least 14 tracks per week. For the month of January I handed out a track somewhat regular, some days better than others. I didn’t track my activity that well. However, I plan to track my efforts much better this month. Thanks a lot!

  47. one tract per day

  48. Love passing out tracts at the grocery store with my 6 children. Good conversation starter. We also like putting the tracts in the heretical books at the stores and praying that they take the tract and leave the book.

  49. I didn’t hit my goals for Jan. I was however successful on our family vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico. I used the curved illusion tracks in spanish and learned enough spanish before going to ask “which one is bigger”. They were received with smiles!

  50. Hi Steve,

    Although I didn’t hand out a tract everyday sometimes I handed out more than one on other days. So I think it probably balanced out. I must say it is on my mind now whenever I go out and about. Sometimes it has lead to further discussions with people in places where I go regularly. It is truly amazing how God gives opportunities! I am looking forward to keeping on in February. Still loving the challenge – it has been a wonderful motivator!

  51. I am in. I attended a “Transformed” conference a few months ago. I ordered and have hundreds of “million dollar bills”. I’ve shared my faith many times, but I’d like the accountability of this group. Thank you very much! I’m in!

    Tom Jacobson

  52. Hey there,
    February was a great months.
    I got a ton of tracks out, witnessing online, through the phone and had one fishing trip at a local mall which went super great! So overall it has been an awesome months and I did complete share the Gospel 28 days our of 28.

    It’s very inspiring and awesome to be active everything in doing the great commission!!

  53. February was great!

    I handed out tracts at fast food places during my lunch, as well as at the grocery store and gas station and bank.

    Have not gotten to every day, but that is my goal. Handing out tracts about 4-5 times a week, with our weekly saturday witnessing where I hand out over 100 and get at least 2 or more One2One’s. Have a praise report as well. my son who is 25 has had to work on saturdays for the past couple years, we have been praying that the Lord would allow him to rejoin us and thankfullly Praise the Lord he now has saturday’s off along with Sunday’s.

  54. Missed my goal of 10 tracts or 1 conversation 7 days last month…..better, but still short of my goal. Let us spur each other on to faith and good works!!

  55. Though it wasn’t easy this month, I exceeded my goal of three tracts per day.

    On two occasions, I witnessed personally in “Way of the Master” fashion.

    For others who post here, please share any unique ways to share the Gospel that you may have. I am especially encouraged when I hear of new ways to distribute tracts.

    This month I hope to pray more for the Everyday Club 🙂

    Thank you!

  56. Hi everyone! my goal was to share my faith with at least 1 person everyday and I met this goal everyday but one! Praise God!! I got into about 130 one2one conversations and passed out about 250 tracts! God is good, stay faithful and obedient, just to encourage you I am usually out by myself on the evangelism adventures I go on due to my work schedule but remember God is with you even if you feel like your the only one out there!

  57. Hey everybody! Missed my goal of 10 tracks or 1 conversatiion daily in March by 15 days……..made it 16! Participated in 2 weekend outreaches, both were great days!

    Keep on tracting!!

  58. I was able to pass out more than one a day, however not every day did I pass one out. I was encouraged in seeing Pastor Steve sharing at Huntington Beach, it brought back great memories and a desire to return. I am close to finishing up a Way of the Master class and excited to get the students out and sharing. Thank you, again, for your faithfulness. Dale

  59. My goal is to pass out 10 tracks a day and to share Christ once a day on those days I am out and about and to share Christ with those people that call my phone at home or cell phone by mistake (witness opportunity from God) and to share Christ with those who knock on my door.

  60. My goal is to pass or plant tracts everyday, and share my faith when the opportunity arises. I am begginning to realise that opportunities are all around when you use your imagination.

  61. My goal is to at least share the Gospel with one person at day, either in form of a tract, one 2 one conversation or open-air preaching/preaching.

    I have been able to exceed that goal within the last month!!

  62. i feel like I cheated this past month. The church I attend did a sweeping out reach across North East Florida. i participated all day one Saturday in an evangelism booth and another day at a High School during a fall festival.

    Also there was the 180 which is just a great feast for someone to witness with. It leads into great questions, and leaves pro-choice advocates with their mouths closed.
    I ended the month with a witness out of the back of my car, to a pest-control manager leaving a house in the neighborhood.
    i just didn’t count, I really think on the average I met my goals, I even got some people to sing Jesus Loves me at one of the fairs. All Glory to God Alone.

  63. I was able to pass some out through out the month but then on Halloween night we had over 300 kids and parents come to our house to get a tract. Trick or Tract. We gave out candy and tracts and you could hear the little kids running down the street saying ‘I got a million dollars’. It is the one night of the year when people come to our house to get tracts … and a little candy too.

  64. Hi everyone,
    I’m a “newbie,” but I know that I need to put my goal into writing so that I will not be lazy. I’ll start with one tract per day. I already go to a farmer’s market once a week and pass out many tracts there, but I must not begin to think that it is enough. The other 6 days have also been given to me to pass along the good news of Jesus Christ.

  65. One way to give out tracts is through the mail. There are websites where strangers request that you send mail to them: cards for various occasions or just to cheer them up. Sometimes people request cards for people who have terminal illnesses. So send the cards with a tract or two.

    Here are the two websites I know about:

    Also, if you have any postcard tracts, you can sign up to exchange postcards internationally on:

    Even if you don’t have postcard tracts, you could send a regular postcard with a Christian message or direction to a Christian website. Just a thought!

  66. Hey guys, I’m Teng and i happened to stumble upon your videos about sharing the good news through these bills that you easily hand out. I would love to share the good news to everyone, and i would start by handing out at least 5 tracts a day. Also i would love to join in on spreading the news. It doesn’t just challenge me to go out there, but to proclaim that God is real and that i’m challenging myself. Thank you.

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