The Everyday Club Report: For December


Did you finish well?

This is the last chance to report on how you did with your evangelistic commitment in 2011. Please post your totals for December below.

As of this month your membership in the Everyday Club will end. You will have to sign up again for the 2012 Club to continue getting my monthly reminder emails. I hope you will.

Again, you must sign up for The Everyday Club 2012 report if you want to be in the Club. Do so today! Sign up again here.


  1. I hand out at least one tract daily! Hope to do better in ’12! Maranatha!

  2. I missed one day in December.

  3. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day, or witness one to one daily and open air preach when I can. I missed about 3 days.

  4. December was slower mainly because of the winter months here in Kansas, it can be pretty cold though it has been much warmer (people are not out as much). Overall 2011 was fairly slow evangelistically for me, but I’m really looking forward too 2012 just because I’m going to have much more time on my hands to focus on evangelism due to the fact that I have now completed school! For His glory!

  5. I missed 5 days in December. Two days I was sick at home with a virus. It was a good month for me. I handed out 92 tracts and had 3 good conversations with unsaved people. I also signed up for and got a good start on the “School of Biblical Evangelism”. Thank you for the accountability!

  6. This month I handed out a lot of tracts. I missed one day.
    I will sign up for 2012 as well and do my uttermost to reach the every goal!!

  7. Thomas, I hear you there. Winter months are slimmer in the Smokies especially when college students are gone and people rush to get into bars out of the cold.
    So when it is cold, I leave tracts strategically placed in unique areas.(books, restrooms, seats at the mall, etc).
    Ever since I have been sent one tract in a Capital One envelope(prepaid) over a year ago, I get a new envelope in the mail every one to two weeks. Since their address is in Salt Lake City, Utah, I try to find gospel tracts geared towards Mormons.(Chick tracts and Fellowship Tract League have some.)
    When I went home to Joplin, Missouri(Carl Junction actually a small town outside Joplin), I put gospel tract around the airports I was in.(The Dallas Airport was the most fun because two Oriential ladies got excited when I left a million dollar bill with Lincoln face( They thought it was a real bill. Here is the kicker, one of the ladies started to read the bill aloud. So I got my bang for my buck multiple times being read.

  8. I missed a lot of days in Dec, but I also exceeded my goal on other days. New Years Eve I wanted to send out the year with a bang so I went downtown to hand out tracts and videos (“The Biggest Question”). Despite some rude rejections, it ended up being a very blessed day. Though I’m exceptionally thankful for the Every Day Club and the accountability and encouragement it provides, I’ll be taking 2012 off. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this club!!! Your persistence in the faith is an encouragement and example to others, and you will all be in my prayers!

  9. I think I missed 6 days in December. Not a smashing end to the year.

  10. Howdy fellow EDCers!

    I thank God for the opportunities He gave me and our evangelism team to preach Christ this December!

    Here’s an approximate snapshot of what went down with yours truly last month:

    – 500+ tracts passed
    – 50+ one-to-ones
    – 10+ open airs
    – 4 inner airs

    May God richly bless you and your church with increased fruitfulness throughout this entire New Year!

  11. Fell behind a little the last couple months but December went well. I had 2 in-door speaking sessions at the local Prison. We had 4 come forward for counseling, we shared the truth with them.

  12. I missed about 8 or 9day in Dec.

  13. I missed 8 days in december. My goal was to hand out 1 tract a day.

    I handed out over 300 hundred tracts.
    Witnessed 1-2-1, 12 people.

  14. December was a great month!! I passed out tracts everyday except about 4 days. I was on a missions trip 2 of those days in Mexico and God did amazing things! My goal is to pass out 10 tracts a day or 1 one2one conversation! Praise God that many more people were touched and seeds were planed for the gospel!

  15. I haven’t reported in for some time but I have most often been reaching my goal of at least one tract per day. Giving out tracts has now become part of my regular day to day activities when I am out and about. Thanks so much for the Everyday Club – the goal has led to a habit. It has become something very regular for me and I thank you for keeping me accountable throughout 2011!

  16. In addition to outreaches at the Dallas Children’s parade, at the Dallas West End and at local malls, I shared the Gospel every day with at least one person. On New Years Eve I realized I had 200 New Year resolution tracts left so I decided to go and hand them all out…

  17. I stopped keeping track of how many tracts I handed out, but I made sure I did hand them out everytime I went out.
    I also did some Omegle’s and posted evangelistic comments on my facebook page.

  18. I had a better month. I handed out many gospel tracts.

  19. This month, on December 25th, I had the opportunity of visiting Pastor Steve’s Church. Ray Comfort was right when he said that anyone next to Pastor Steve is lukewarm.
    He gave me over 400 New Year gospel tracts to pass out in a week. We were a little doubtful we would finish, but 4 days later, we were done. PTL.
    Thank you Pastor Steve for the challenge. You made me realize that it is easy to pass out a lot of tracts in a very short time.

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