1. Something is wrong with my computer and I cannot see the video. If this is for the give away deal you have going, sign me in please!

    Wayne Dawg

  2. Once again Ray uses the ‘resistance’ line without giving a source for it, he never has. It’s funny that if there were so many plans of action he has to recycle that one line over and over and over again.

    I particularly loved the SCREAMER he got to act as the angry Atheist. The funniest part to me was that it sounded exactly like Geerup, a well known creotard on Youtube.

    He also uses a clip from TaylorX04 which is interesting because he is another person waiting a response a Ray. Ray ignored his videos and letters where he asks for Ray to hand over his ministry using the bible as justification.

    You may also be interested in his response as appearing in the above video.

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