Will Tiger Woods Repent and Become a Christian?


Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume has publicly offered advice for the wayward Tiger Woods—and got a lot of flack for it

On Fox News Sunday, Hume said he believed Woods to be a Buddhist, but that, in his opinion, that religion did not offer the pro-golfer the redemption and forgiveness he needed.

“My message to Tiger would be, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world,'” he said.

“Now we know that the content of his character is not what we thought it was.  He is paying a frightful price for these revelations.  My sense about Tiger is that he needs something that Christianity, especially, provides.”


  1. WOW, I say WOW!! That man has spoken for Jesus and he’s so right on. Say Jesus and all hell breaks loose. It’s almost like yeahing fire in a picture show. Please O God, save Tiger Woods, for to you belong all glory and all honor and all praise, for ever and ever.

  2. Way to GO, Brett!

    It is great to see someone who is a “public figure” who had the courage to share his faith, annd is unashamed to be a Christian even if it offends some viewers.

    He is right about Buddhism not offering redemption from sin and, even more, that TIger could be a “shining light” if he repents and puts his trust in The LORD. He will be born again and God will make him a “new” person, with a “new” heart.

  3. I heard about that… I just pray that Tiger Woods recalls the conversation he had with Mark Cahill where he heard the law and the gospel (see “One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven.”

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