Sudden Death: So Cal Fire!


The L. A. Times reported on Friday that a couple in Escondido narrowly escaped with their lives when a fire engulfed their home. How they escaped their doom was amazing.
“With no time to escape, Roger and his wife, Dena, did the only thing they could think of to survive: They jumped into their swimming pool, according to Roger’s daughter, Kimberly Miley. Wrapping wet towels around their heads to protect them from the fire’s heat, thick smoke and red-hot embers, the Bielaszes sat on an underwater ledge in the pool for more than three hours shivering in the cold water as their home, just feet away, burned to the ground.”

Unfortunately, their neighbors were not so blessed. The authorities confirmed that the remains of two adults were found in the house next to the Bielaszes.
Read the story here.

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