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Over the last several weeks I’ve featured lame, ridiculous Jesus-wear (Weak, Wimpy—and Wrong—Witness) that unintentionally mocks the cause and urgency of Biblical evangelism. But now I want to feature some clothing that will actually start a conversation: “The Smell of Death” T shirt. Dale and Anna Jackson are part of the creative team at Way of the Master who also have a small side business called that puts out some very good stuff that is guaranteed to get people to ask, “What does your shirt mean?”
Like most of our designs, this is meant to be a conversation starter. The front says “104 every 60 seconds” and then contains two chemical symbols.

When someone asks what it’s supposed to mean, explain to them that these two symbols are the chemical “shorthand” for two of the foul-smelling compounds the body releases at death.

Also tell them that’s what the top line is talking about. One hundred four people die in every 60 seconds. Ask them if they’ve thought very much about death and what will happen to them afterwards… and then take them through the good test.

The back of the shirt is identical to the front except for this text that appears below:

putrescine and cadaverine are foul-smelling compounds
created and released at death as the body begins to decompose

150,000 people die every day, that’s 104 every 60 seconds

are you ready to face God?

If you are put off by this in-your-face, uh, nose—witness, then you can always be a wimp and pull out the JesPez… that’s right, a Jesus Pez dispenser!
And no, you cannot get this at!
(Thanks to for the Pez)

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