Preaching to Police at the Parade


At last month’s Lakers Victory Parade six evangelists preached to the estimated 65,000 people gathered in downtown Los Angeles. (Read the story here.)

Some new techniques were invented! When in a large crowd, stand on something as you hand out your Gospel tracts; people will grab them by the hundreds. Also, don’t forget those wonderful public servants: your local police department as you stand amidst the crowds. I had the opportunity to share the good news with the LAPD as they stood on the sidelines. (Watch their reactions.)

Challenge: Can you identify any of the Lakers as they pass by?

Thanks to Matt Maki for his excellent editing debut.


  1. Great job, folks! God be praised.

  2. Yea Matt, great job editing. That was an awesome day. so many people in 1 place. Let’s do it again next year!

  3. that was wonnnnnnnnnnderful!!! this wasn’t just a pond…it was an ocean of great fishing.

    you all sounded great and respectful during this video AND i enjoyed seeing a SISTER-in-Christ proclaiming the Gospel.

  4. That was totally encouraging!

  5. I’m all for doing it again, Tom. (we’re two for two) God has no favorite teams. He is no respecter of persons. He just wants are hearts and minds. And I don’t know the condition of our fellow believers in Boston. And I don’t know why God choose to let his word to be preached by tracts and the spoke word to the laker fans. However, I have a strong suspicion that people in LA, need to hear the gospel more than the people in Boston. So, repent my fellow laker fans while there is still time.

  6. I think this is the best video this site has ever produced, and not just because I’m in it. lol! Seriously, it displays our “team Spirit” so well, and how we are truly having fun and making a real difference. I actually can’t believe how good it is. I love how the message is divided into pieces between each speaker. The editor should be hired into television.

  7. Way to go guys. Excellent Evangelism!

  8. Love it! Thanks for posting. Too bad they spelled my name wrong. =)

  9. Man! You guys are pushin it! Almost preach shirts, next you’ll be flyin banners with Jesus name on them, oh no! what would happen then! I don’t think sinners are required by law to turn from sin to be regenerated. They are requied to BELIEVE though. If the Word says that I haven’t found it. Turning from sin comes usually after their saved, ya think. Slaves to sin, slaves of righteousness, one or the other ain’t it. Keep going though, don’t stop. Banners a Biblical too!

  10. Mark wrote: “They are requied to BELIEVE though.

    If you mean within your belief system? Sure.

    If you mean that it’s the law to do so, no.

  11. I actually am not clear what Mark was trying to say…. Mark?

  12. Mark is, I believe, saying that repentance is not required to be saved. Just allowing Jesus to be your savior. Turning from sin is a natural byproduct of that.

    I believe, however, that my pizzas are due in 10 minutes! Yum!

  13. I wrote an article on Saving Faith a while ago and thought it might do well right here.

    Saving faith to God is to leave sin, but does “believe the gospel and repent” imply that we must do two things to be saved, and not only one? The exhortation is really only one requirement. The instruction, “leave London and go to Los Angeles,” sounds like a two fold request, but it really is only one. It is impossible to go to Los Angeles without leaving London. Salvation is not a contract to be good, nor is it a test to see if you will over time. Salvation by faith is a free gift not of any kind of works at all (Rom 6:23; Eph 2:8). Repentance is merely the hands to hold the gift. Repentance is the ability to hold saving faith. Without repentance you will not be able to hold your faith in God. Repentance and faith are the same things in a way because saving faith acts on itself if it is genuine. Salvation is eternal, and it is not granted until real faith is present, but after God has granted salvation, the new birth, it is a one time done deal. The baby is born in repentance from sin, and therefore perpetuates a lifestyle of repentance and holiness. The baby knows that “God holds the future and I am safe in His hands.” You never release yourself into something unsafe, that’s why it’s called “saving faith,” because it is faith that if you release your life into Him you will finally be safe. I had a Christian friend who always admitted that he didn’t know if he was truly saved. He doubted his salvation at times because he judged his right standing with God by his deeds. He never felt “safe.” Don’t let your sins drop your faith in God. Your mind can become so darkened not just by sin, but more so by believing that deeds can position you in God. Once the New Birth has truly taken place and regeneration has occurred in the spirit, we are children of God by birth. Not something that is undone or improved by deeds. We must decide to depend on Jesus to save us personally, resting upon Him alone for salvation as He is offered to us in the gospel.

  14. Hi. Grace & peace to you. I saw your videos: 2012 Gay Pride Parade & 2010 Laker Parade. Wonderful preaching & passing out gospel tracts – God gets the glory. I might go to the King’s parade. What time is a good time for evangelist to go to downtown Los Angeles in the morning ?

    God bless, Catherine aka Trust King Jesus (facebook).

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